Women in the Focus: Conscious Awareness of The Role of Being a Mother

Today, the 8th of March is the International Woman´s Day. I now take the opportunity to acknowledge and give credit to every woman who has lived on this planet and congratulate her on this day. I want to acknowledge the economic, political and social contributions that each and every woman makes throughout her life.wonder-woman-1016324_640

I especially want to give a great deal of appreciation to women mothers, who take the responsibility to give birth to new people on this planet and point out the noble mission that this role of being a mother with it brings.

Being a mother is truly a special role and a very responsible one indeed.

I want to offer mothers three tips on parenting, beginning with the day her baby is created in her womb.
  1. Become aware that you, the genuine you, is aware of the new role that is bestowed upon you, the role of a mother
  2. Have the awareness that your body actively communicates with the newly created body of your baby
  3. In each and every moment monitor the thoughts that you are having and take responsibility for thinking thoughts of positivity

Become aware that you, at your core essence are consciousness who is having the experience of itself through your human body.

Now, that you have begun to carry a baby, you enter your new mission and take upon your new role in life of being a mother. This basically means that your body serves as a safe place where the baby´s body and mind is nurtured. You are facilitating the development of the body and mind of your baby. Your baby is a local expression of the universal consciousness, just like you are, and now you have the privilege to carry this piece of consciousness within you and care for it to emerge ready for life after nine months.

Our body, as an expression of our mind is a field of energy and information that emerged out of the field of pure consciousness. And this field of consciousness found its local expression in you. Your body is  inevitably connected, intertwined and correlated with the universal field of consciousness. And just as your body actively communicates with the universal consciousness, the newly created body of your baby communicates with this field as well through you.woman-1220914_640

Understanding this great honor and responsibility at the same time, I would like to invite each and every woman to take care of the thoughts she thinks during the day. These includes all thoughts when awake, dreamy or asleep as well as the thoughts you are able to create when connected to the higher version of yourself.

In your honor, dear women, dear mothers, Happy Women´s Day! Join me in my congratulations in the comment section below!

Much Love and Many Blessings

Ginger Spark





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