Why settle for less? Go for Abundance All the Way – 3 Principles to Shift your State of Being

Abundance is a state of being. When you are happy, loving, compassionate, joyful you project a positive energetic field around yourself and infect every human being and living creature you come in contact with. This state of abundant positive feelings and emotions automatically draws abundant wealth to you.

Abundant wealth means meeting and relating with the right people, having enough money and other material things as well as feeling healthy and full of energy

Abundance comes to life as soon you allow yourself to become your own grandest version and you begin expressing yourself from a higher vibrational state. From the feeling of LOVE or above love, which includes feelings like courage, compassion, joy, peace, and enlightenment.You will notice in a matter of weeks, days or sometimes even minutes that by starting to live and radiate from the center of your greatest version, you begin to make a significant difference to the surrounding community. Your life will change for the better because people will then understand who you truly are!

The more that you go for an abundance of these feelings, the more that you are able to shift your state to being filled with sheer positivity, lightness, and radiating well-being.You will notice in a matter of weeks, days or sometimes even minutes that by starting to live and radiate from the center of your true self, you begin to make a significant difference to the surrounding community. Your life will change for the better because people will then understand who you truly are!

You will inevitably be rewarded for this, without having to give it your extraordinary effort.lotus-1205631_640

Here are the three principles to shift your state of being:

  1. Start by giving abundantly that which you already abundantly have: your gifts and your passions, your love, joy, help, kindness, compassion, humour, good spirit, It will all come back to you in terms of material wealth such as money, wealth, prosperity and material possessions and more of non-material wealth such us abundant love and appreciation, more free time, harmony, health, joy etc. The more that you give joy you also receive more joy, By giving love you receive more love. You need to give, but you also need to be ready to receive. Your giving should bring you back more of the same and you should embrace this when it arrives. 
  2. Focus on the kind of values that you wish to possess, the type of final state that you are looking for and attributes or traits which you feel are especially important to you. Then allow yourself to believe that you have already found this and start acting like this. Embody this state within yourself and remind yourself that this is your true nature. Just give yourself permission. Create the mental image of the manifestation you desire when you find yourself in a quiet, calm and peaceful state of mind. Hold the thought and the determination, still focused on the desired outcome and know that this already exists, only in a different frequency. All you have to do is get yourself attuned to match this frequency and start living from there.
  3. Fuel your intention to raise your frequency with desire and expectation.

person-790885_640Desire is very important because it unleashes a force that leads to the good or the goal that is desired. By stating your desire to the universe, even though the good does not yet exist in physical form, you are calling it to come into material existence. Desire is the way to mentally emit energy that has a certain vibration or frequency.

This vibration needs to get aligned with the state of vibration of the desired object and only then will our desire come into material form.

Desire must come from deep within you and together with your feelings and emotions.

An expectation is a mental attitude that resides in the invisible realm. It is absolutely essential and imperatively required that you stabilize your mental and emotional energetic frequency with the frequency of the desired thing. Believe that your goal will happen. Nurture and embody this thought. Hold the thought that adversities and circumstances contribute to achieving your goal and always take appropriate action. There is no such thing as failure. There are perhaps constant highs and lows in your life, but they are all part of the upward evolving process.

Always look at the bigger picture. What may seem like an unsolvable problem might merely be a trivial thing when you get a grasp of the bigger picture.

Change your mental conditioning when you feel you find yourself paying attention to impossibilities and arguing why something cannot work out.

Be aware of the fact that we live in an abundant universe. Therefore, once you clearly state and see your goal in your mind there is no reason why you should not see your goal manifest in the physical world.

Be confident and firmly believe that you truly deserve what you desire. Through projecting your intention and giving it your full attention, supported by an unwavering faith and expectation. Embrace it when you receive it!

I would love to receive your comments below about what abundance means to you. How are you able to shift your state to feeling abundand and giving freely that which you already abundantly posess?

Join the discussion.

Until next time, I send you my heartfelt blessings!



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