Why is Meditation Essential for Living a Conscious and Awakened Life?

What is your experience with meditation and how do you understand meditation?

It has become very popular now-a-days to talk about mediation and hear about the benefits of medication. Meditation is said to eliminate stress, provide physical relaxation, break up negative thinking patterns and help us find peace, joy, and contentment.

Feelings of joy, peace and love are positive feelings and inevitably contribute to our happiness and well-being. But how can meditation help us be more creative, take positive actions and do the right thing at the right time?

i-741509_640Being born as a human being and being raised in specific cultural, socio-economic and political conditions provides a certain form and structure to our life. We are conditioned to think certain thoughts in a certain way and then identify with our thoughts.

We identify with our name, our body, our position in the world, the roles that we play and our outer achievements. However, these are only outer manifestations of form which have little to do with the formless dimension within ourselves. Being identified with thoughts and thought processes creates and builds our ego-based identity.

Our ego provides the roots for unconscious behavior. For example, when emotions arize, which are an integral part of the ego, we tend to let these emotions unmanaged. Instead of recognizing the emotion for what it is, energy in motion, we tend to react to outer events in an impulsive and unconscious manner.

Our ego also comprises of a set of limiting beliefs which represent the filter through which we view the world as well as well established, often unconscious patterns of behavior.

Meditation provides the means for dissolving the ego and entering the sphere where creativity, insight, intuition, being and inspiration reside.

With meditation you let things just be and you allow the present moment to be recognized.

We strengthen our ability to  go inward and encounter a new dimension of our life. We meet spaciousness and a field of unlimited possibilities.desert-749692_640

Meditation is a skill which we can learn. The more that we practice this skill, the better that we become at it.

With meditation we shift our state of consciousness to being externally oriented and externally aware, to being internally oriented and aware of our internal state of being.

When we practice meditation regularly, we will notice that a new wisdom opens up, much different than the cleverness we have when we are grounded in our ego-based consciousness.

Meditation is the means to detach from everyday drama and see our life from a different perspective. The result is that we are no longer tempted to react , but rather to respond to outer stimulus and circumstances.

Here is the process you can follow:

  1. Sit quietly with your eyes closed or open. I find it easier when I have my eyes open, but instead of focusing on the outer objects in my surrounding or focusing on thoughts about what just happened or what I need to do or my chores or projects, I sit there with my eyes open and see not outward but inward. And the first thing I notice is my breath and how I breathe at this moment.
  2. Stay focused on your breathing and this is all you need to do for 10 to 15 minutes each day
  3. Do not try to analyze and understand why this is good for you, simply engage in this training
  4. Meditation is a training and just like learning a new skill, we need to do it  or exercise it regularly
  5. Just allow everything to be as it is right now without trying to fix or change anything.
  6. Meditation provides a shift in consciousness: from ego based or form based to spirit based or formless. Consciousness without any content yet fully alive and present.

I hope this helps you understand why meditation is an essential practice for taking enlightened action and shifiting your state of perception.

Please let me know whether I managed to clarify something about meditation and how you can practice it in your life. Share your commetns in the comment thread below and let me know what you think.

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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