Why is it Hard to Forgive? – Showing Possibilities How to do it!

Entering The Process of Transformation

Opening yourself toward the path of spiritual transformation has many benefits. By transforming yourself, you transform the world and the people around you all at the same time. Your own transformation begins from within you. You need to begin to transform your inner world first. The inner transformation is a silent process and has nothing to do with external noise. person-722905_640

By becoming internally transformed you automatically make an impact on the external world. People, circumstances and social events are affected in parallel with each step you take on the path of your personal growth and evolution.

Forgiveness is one piece of the internal transformation. Deciding to learn how to forgive and deciding to make forgiveness part of your life, you anchor yourself in the realm of positive evolution. This means that you are willing to transform your inner and outer being.

Forgiveness might not be an easy thing to do but it is surely possible.

Why is it so Hard to Forgive?

One might say that forgiving might  happen quickly and naturally, only if you allow yourself to forgive. Many people do not want to forgive because they believe that forgiving means accepting and allowing the wrong-doing.excuse-me-659731_640 For example, someone did something that deeply hurt you and you hold on to the resentment believing that through holding on to the hurt feelings you can make the other person understand how much pain and suffering you are going through. As if this will somehow help you heal your pain and hurt!

Forgiving is hard because:

  1. we hold on to the event and tell ourselves the same story over and over again
  2. we analyze the details of the event and condemn the person who wronged us
  3. we feel the pain of our hurt feelings and feel sorry for ourselves

What we do not realize is the following:

  1. we keep ourselves stuck in the past
  2. we lose our energy and time by investing our thoughts in a futile activity
  3. by holding on to resentment, the only one who is being punished and harmed are we

Here is How to Forgive

We need to learn how to forgive so that we can be free. We need to break free from the jail we build around ourselves.

The first step to forgiving is to realize that forgiveness will release you from the negativity which is harmful to your health.

The second step is to relax your body physically and begin to breathe intentionally. Begin imagining how cosmic energy penetrates your physical body and how this cosmic energy fills you with soothing energy, warmth, and light.cable-541062_640

The third step involves spreading this cosmic energy around your physical body.

As soon as you fell enveloped in this halo of glowing energy around you, begin following these steps:

  1. Imagine the person who wronged you. See him with your inner eye.
  2. Instead of hating him, say to yourself that he did not know better than the way he behaved toward you.
  3. Still looking at the person, thank him for the experience he provided you with and tell him that he can go now because you release him.
  4. Understand that with him goes the whole story of resentment.
  5. Visualize yourself now being purified as this negative energy leaves your body.
  6. You are left with an empty space inside now and you are more than ever ready to be filled with love and light.
  7. Intentionally send love, light, and warmth toward this empty space and visualize how it is now filled up with this positive energy and is glowing.
  8. Say to yourself that you are now ready, open and curious to receive new positive experiences in your life
  9. Congratulate yourself on the progress that you are doing.

If after this process, you feel there is still some resentment left within you, repeat it and keep on doing so until being filled with love, light and positivity become natural and automatic.

I invite you to use your days wisely and not to be bitter. Life is too precious to be wasted.

Whether your motives for releasing resentment and learning to forgive, the effects for yourself and the people around you will be the same. Everyone benefits!

And now like always, I invite you to engage in the discussion in the comment thread below.

  • Tell me what is one thing that you simply cannot forgive or what would it take for you to forgive someone.
  • Do let me know why forgiveness might be a hard thing to do.
  • Let me know if this process works for you

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments.

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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