Understanding The Nature of Blocked Energy

How can we define blocked emotional energy?

Energy is a constant moving and permanently transforming force that provides us with power and the ability to do work and sustain ourselves. Emotions are Energy-in-Motion.Emotions are vibrational forces that enter our body. We feel both positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions are positively charged and negative emotions have a negatively charged. They are neither good nor bad, they are simply charged energy with an opposite pole.

When I speak of blocked emotional energy, I am primarily referring to emotional energy that moves through our body and causes negative effects in our physical, mental and emotional body. These polarized emotions are one-sided and keep us stuck in a certain way of feeling, experiencing and behaving. For example, negatively charged emotions are fear, anger, and grief, where as positively charged emotions are happiness, interest, kindness, and trust. Both are ok but when one pole prevails, either it being positive or negative, stagnation, loss of motivation and even destruction might begin to occur.

Polarized emotions, both negatively and positively charged can also be referred to as charged emotions. If we do not deal with our charged emotions, they might begin to develop their destructive course and will cause us to experience an energy block. Polarized emotions are the causes for many diseases and excessive stress and cause mental, physical and emotional disorders

How do we know if and more importantly, what energy blocks we have?

For example, something happens, someone does or says something and you immediately experience physical or emotional discomfort. You get upset when someone makes a remark that you do not like or you begin circling in negative thoughts when someone does not react the way you expected them to. We encounter our emotional energy blocks every time we get triggered. Sometimes it could happen after a long day, after a stressful situation, after being with toxic people, after hard work or after a failure. We get upset, which literally means we get set up to react in a destructive, ineffective and inappropriate manner.

Blocked energies are emotional conditions which are driving us unconsciously.

When your peace, joy, concentration has been shattered by some outside event, the door that has access to your blocked energy has been opened. This event simply opens the door to this blocked pool or the swirl of energy and allows the polarized emotions to come out.

But the problem is that we do not use this opportunity to free our blocked energies. Instead, we make a decision not to allow this blocked energy to come out. We make up a certain story that justifies this blocked feeling to remain within us. We add reasons upon reasons to prove that we are right in doing so. Therefore, as soon as the door opens, and we feel the energy rushing out, we block it with our decisions and justifications why it needs to stay locked, why it needs to remain in its old place and formulate our truth for not letting it be released freely.

When blocked energy comes out it is felt like a push from within you that forces you to react to the trigger. You feel how this energy rushes into your blood stream, your heart starts to pump faster, stress hormones begin to be produced and your whole body prepares for the fight or flight modes.

Fighting is not really necessary because our life is not in danger, nor is fleeing away necessary because again our life is not in a threat. But we do just that. We begin either fighting: defending ourselves, proving we are right and the other person wrong, defending our territory, our role, or we flee away and never want to see this person again, or never return to the same situation because it is more than we can handle. It is out of our reach and our control.

When you feel this door opening and energy rushing out, you need to know the following:

1.Become aware that this energy is the one pole coming out which is looking to find its opposite so that both can be neutralized. Once this neutralization takes place, rest assured that you will be able to live in peace, joy and a balanced state of being. This is the balance or fulfillment that we strive for but never seem to reach. It is always the same people, same situations that always trigger the same behavior in us.

2. Physically move away from the stressful situation. E.g. go in another room.If you cannot move away physically at that very moment because it is impossible like you are in the same car and driving, then tell yourself mentally that you will deal with this negative situation later. Stop participating in the situation that triggered your emotion. The best thing is to just remain quiet and shift your focus to something else, completely unrelated to the triggering event.  However, do make a reference point of the negativity you feel, so that you can come back and find its root cause..in both cases allow yourself at least 90sec. to simply feel what you are feeling. you can even close

3. In both cases allow yourself at least 90sec. to simply feel what you are feeling. you can even close your eyes for better focus. Go within yourself and internally see and feel this negative energy moving in your body. Observe the quality of this emotion and ask yourself what could be the root cause for feeling in such a way? The answer does not have to surface right away and it most often won´t. What is important is to ask the question and then let go. The answer will surface in its own due time.  notice the quality of this emotion, the source, where is it located within your body, how does it move about, what is it trying to tell you?   do not add more fuel to the situation by focusing on your negative situation. if you are stuck at a certain place and cannot escape. 90sec then let go and try to shift the conversation into something positive, something completely different.

4 Where is this emotion located within your body? What bodily sensations are present?  How does it move about, what is it trying to tell you?   Do not add more fuel to the situation by focusing on your negative thoughts that might be present. Our mental body will usually come up with some sort of a story or justification for your behavior while blaming the other person or people involved. Sometimes it is really negative people, toxic people who are adding poison to our well being. but sometimes we interpret something as negative even though it might not 100% be true. it is only because of our belief system and expectation, and our limiting beliefs

5. During these 90seconds, feel the tension, then let go. For example feel the emotion pulsating within your body, notice whether you feel cold or hot, and bring awareness about yourself only. You can also try to stretch yourself. E.g. stretch your arms above your head, make fists, tighten them up and release, breathe deeply in and out a few times while stretching and then yawn, then let go and breathe out. Release a sound like AH,  HU, Begin breathing deeply and intentionally and then watch your breath calm down and come back to normal.

So I hope you found this blog useful, and if so let me know your thoughts in the comment thread below. I would love to hear from you, so leave your comment now. The best discussion can happen after this blog when I get the chance to respond to your feelings, ideas, and challenges.

Stay on your path toward raising your awareness, because this world needs people who want to evolve on a personal level.

Thank you so much for being here and until next time,

Much Love and Many Blessings



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