Ultimate Happiness Secret

Often times you want to win and succeed in life but you are afraid of this success. You somehow expect a negative outcome. The ultimate happiness secret is to be in harmony with the success you desire and with the positive expectation that this success will bring you more joy, prosperity and happiness in your life.sw_Listening_sa209430

When you desire a certain object or a certain state, you need to expect that this desired good will come into your life. When you set this expectation you need to do all within your power to achieve the desired result.

What way of thinking should we implement so that the desired good actually manifests in our lives?

Our mental attitude serves like a magnet that has the force to attract. Let us examine two possibilities:

  1. When we state a positive desire, but because of our fears and doubts expect a negative outcome. This negative expectation embraces the negative forces of attraction.
  2. When we state a positive desire, and expect a positive outcome, the positive forces of attraction will be embraced.

By understanding these two principles, we begin to become aware that we need to set up a line of force that connects us to the desired thing, which still resides in the invisible realm. By stating a positive desire and having a positive expectation and remaining constant in this desire or ambition, the good demanded is realized in part or entirely.

Desire is the power for calling forth the desired state in its physical form. When we desire something we put ourselves on the frequency that this desired state is on.  Our mind vibrates on the frequency of this desired state.  In this way, we get in touch with our inner world of causes and connect with the substance of the thing desired, calling in this effect into existence.  Let us not forget to point out that continuous expectation that this desired state will manifest is vital and necessary.file0001273226477

Expectation can be defined as the drawing force of the mind which acts in the invisible realm. It is something like gravity.  As soon as we stabilize on the frequency of the desired good, by emitting the appropriate thinking,  feeling and mental attitude we become like a magnet that attracts.

Keep an overview of your problems and your situation and rise up above them.

All of our problems and challenges could be seen upon as part of a beautiful plan that offers us opportunities to learn and grow.

Please keep in mind that this knowledge and insights stated above is of no value if you do not practice it in your life. Being aware of the method to use the power of your mind and to form a clear, well defined mental picture of what you want needs to be practiced in conjunction with a strong, unwavering expectation and faith.radian cimetery 6

Visualizing that which we want to create should be done in a calm and peaceful state of mind, with no pressure and force. We need to let the idea or the plan unfold into our mind as a vivid mental picture. With this image in our minds, we then hold the thought and nourish the desire with the firm conviction that what we seek will come to manifest sooner or later. The desired state or object is here, only at a different frequency and we need to get ourselves attuned.

This process of visualizing, desiring and expecting has a third component as well, which is action! Without action and taking the appropriate steps, no matter how big or small, the process of manifestation could not be complete.

This is the secret to achieving lasting happiness and allowing the law of attraction to work on our behalf:

First, we need to get interested into what we want to manifest. This means putting our energy into this mental construct.

Second, we need to pay attention and have our focus on the desired situation. Focus and attention are like what yeast is to dough: it promotes growth, development and success of the idea.

Third, we must expect and believe that we will get what we desire. This is how we call forth the necessary energies to increase the probability of our success.

Do not fear and doubt. Fear and doubt only diffuse your thoughts. Never expect the worse. Firmly expect the desired result and understand that there is no such thing as failure. What we call as failure is only information we need to gain the right perspective on our problem or challenge.

Forth, Action, action, action! Just go out and do it! Do anything you regard as important or relevant to achieve your results. Action is necessary so that you keep on moving ahead and in this way you will know when and where to course correct.saw saw 014

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Much Love and many Blessings,

Ginger Spark

Creator of the 5-step video training  “How To Be Happy in My Life” and co-author of the book “Feminine Mind Power”

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