Three Tips on How to Implement Consciousness to Treat Anxiety

I am currently working on an upcoming course related to understanding and managing our emotions and beliefs to create desired shifts in our behavior.

In this blog, I would like to offer you some useful tips on how to respond to anxiety so that you can step beyond this state of find and move to the other side. What I mean by this is that  instead of feeling trapped in your head, with your current stream of incessant thoughts, you are able to move beyond your pattern of thinking and enter the space of peace, calmness and joy.deep-dive

Tip Number One is Focus on Your Breathing

When you feel anxiety rising and filling your whole body, remind yourself to focus on your breathing. Ask yourself and notice the way that you breathe. Are these breaths in your chest or do they go lower to your abdomen? The purpose is to deepen your breathing and bring the inhales deep down into your body, into your belly or the lower abdomen area.

Remember this:
Your breath is the gateway to the connectedness with the surrounding consciousness.
Breathe consciously.
Your breath has the power to change your physical, emotional and mental state of being.


Make it your intention to breathe deeply. Make an inquiry from time to time to check the character of your breathing. If your breath is shallow, meaning if it only reaches your throat or your chest, you should make it your intention to deepen it. Draw in the air all the way down to your belly.

Here is a breathing exercise that can help you overcome anxiety:

  1. Focus on the breath
  2. Inhale and count to 3
  3. Hold your breath while counting to six
  4. Exhale and count to 6
  5. Hold your breath while counting to six
  6. Repeat step 2 to 5 six times.

Tip Number Two is Shed Light on Your Ignorance

When you are primarily in your head, occupied by your thoughts realize that you are in a state of complete ignorance. Shedding light on this ignorant state is the first step toward enlightenment.

As you generate your thoughts, the choices and actions you take are aligned with your pattern of thinking. Correspondingly, you behave in accordance with these thoughts as well. These thoughts, choices, and behavior generate your feelings and emotions.

If your thoughts are negative, then chances are that your state of being will be channeled in a downward negative spiral.

The objective is to eliminate the negative thinking pattern and replace it with positivity. But it is very difficult to do this with only a rational decision on your part. What is needed is the following:

  1. Catch yourself spinning the wheel of the negative thinking pattern.
  2. Make it your intention to change this because you understand that you are the one who generates your experience of a situation.
  3. Breathe into the way that you would like to feel
  4. Visualize this new state and infuse it with the emotion of joy, happiness, openness and a big huge smile.
  5. Then generate a set of positive thoughts that correspond to a new view of the same situation and stay in  this new cycle

By following the above five steps you will be able to achieve a shift in your state of being. Your experiences will be much more pleasant and positive and you will generate this positivity from within you. You become infectious with your positivity primarily to yourself but also to your fellow human beings around you.

Tip Number Three is Practice a Positive Affirmation that Soothes Your Soul

Repeating a positive statement that helps you relax is an effective tool to overcome anxiety. As you focus on a sentence that makes you feel good, you show commitment to shifting your state of being to that which is pronounced in the affirmation. For example, saying something like this to yourself could be very helpful: “I do not have to be perfect” or ” All is well” or “I love myself,” “I allow my body to relax,” “I am coming back to myself now,” etc.

My advice to you is to repeat the tips I have given you for as long as you feel necessary. What is important is to commit yourself to overcoming your anxiety and do not stop using these tips until they have actually worked for you.

When you are able to release your anxiety and shift your state of being to calmness, joy, equanimity and peace one can definitely say that you are on your way to enlightenment.

Having the intention to overcome anxiety raises your level of mental and physical awareness and relaxes your body and mind. Physical and emotional tension release. Practicing these tips will help you bring you in the present moment and you will find this state to be revolutionary because you will be able to transform your life.

Give yourself the permission to take some time for yourself when you need it. Create a sacred yet creative pause for yourself and make it your habit to practice conscious awareness whenever any other emotional turmoil arises as well.


Please share your views on this blog and your experiences related to this topic. Write your comments in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Much Love and Heartfelt ‘Blessings,


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