Three Sound Reasons For Loving Your Body Just As It Is

During the past few weeks, I have been travelling much more intensively than usual. One of the things I love about travelling is being able to see many different places, meet a lot of different people and taste all sorts of delicious food.

However, this gave me the opportunity to realise how demanding travelling really is and how much strain it puts on our body. Being in different places, at different times represents a challenge to maintain your daily balance. This is why we might encounter some difficulties which manifest in bodily symptoms.

Actually, we do not really need to travel to realize this. In our fast-paced world, we are constantly exposed to strain, stress, and pressure.  All we need to do is to simply become aware how every-day life has become incredibly complex and that things are happening incredibly fast. it’s so easy to miss the unbelievable beauty of our body and the gift that we are given from mother nature to live in a wonderful, healthy and perfectly designed piece of creation. We live in our body each and every day, yet we do not even notice it at times. We are constantly striving and moving into action, being completely lost in thoughts. This is what one could call a state of ignorance toward our body. We are often completely unaware about how this dynamic impacts our well-being, health, and balance.


For example, we engage in emotional turmoil, we encounter our limiting beliefs and we behave in ways that are counter-productive to the health and well-being of our body.

If you have ever made the realization of how much effort, work, and performance your body makes to carry you through life, then it is time to stop and acknowledge the following three truths about  it and love your body just the way it is:

    1. Your body is a vessel for your spirit and a vessel for your life energy. It is only through your body that you allow your life energy to unfold and gain experiences on this planet as well as make your very own, unique contribution. Be grateful for your body for serving you to fulfill your life purpose. Express gratitude each and every day. morning ritual make a scan of your body and see how you feel. evening ritual make a scan and ask where you can course correct.
    2. Your body brings you in the present moment. Because consciousness has manifested, it now has a form represented by the form of your body. That is why  we need to appreciate our body. It is a creation of the intelligence or consciousness that is ever present and never ending. This intelligence has decided to express itself through the form of your body and that is why your body has its designated assignment and purpose. By paying attention to how your body feels, you stay connected in the present moment. The signs of comfort or discomfort provide a clear guideline if something that is happening in the current moment serves your well-being or not.
    3. Your body is a mirror of your emotions. If you expose yourself to negative emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, worry, guilt, shame and so on, there will be a somatic experience manifested in your body. This is an indicator that you need to pay more attention to the emotions you are feeling and learn to manage your emotions to your benefit.


I have developed a “Pharmacy For Mental Healing” where you can find different meditations which promote healthy living habits and appreciation toward our body. If you are interested and you believe that such meditations will help shift your level of awareness toward your body and yourself as a whole, then I invite you to visit  my Pharmacy For Mental Healing available on my website.

Thank you, as always, for reading my blog and sharing it with your friends and loved ones.

With all my love and appreciation,




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