Three Opportunities to Start Living a Conscious Life

There are different occasions in life when we are forced to follow some patterns of doing certain things in a certain way. It is important to become aware that these activities , no matter how much you hate them, how much you find them boring, unwanted or needless are the best opportunities for you to discover the dimension of universal consciousness and your true essence.A photo by ahmadreza sajadi.

Activities we hate doing

We might be forced to do or be involved in activities which we hate or do not want to be engaged in. Let me give you few examples to elaborate my point:

Being faced with health challenges can cause you to experience that this is not the situation that you want to find yourself in. Experiencing physical pain, worrying about when and how you will get better or being forcefully disconnected from your normal life rhythm as a result of an illness is far from anything that you want to have in your life.

Being engaged in a toxic relationship which you cannot let go of easily because of some objective circumstance like for example having abusive parents or relatives, toxic colleagues at work at times when you cannot easily find a new job and so on is also something that you definitely do not want to experience in your life.

Here is the process to deal with activities we hate:

The first step is to welcome doing what you have to do or welcome being in the circumstance that you must be in. Become aware that in order to ease your pain and end your suffering, you need to get aligned with the vibrational frequency of the universal consciousness. The universal consciousness knows no resistance, no hate, no blaming, judgement or non-acceptance. Translated into your life, when faced with a situation you hate, you need to primarily understand the following:

man-1207687_640Accept the situation without judgement whether it is good or bad, and allow it to be as it appears in your life now. Mentally detach from the story that things are horribly bad and that they can only get worse. Believe deep within yourself that by accepting and becoming aware of things as they are, you welcome in surrender and begin to draw your actions from this space. The future outcome of this situation highly depends on your ability to accept and surrender in the now and allow this moment to be as it is. This attitude promotes the healthy flow of universal energy to flow through you and this universal energy will fill you with positivity. Through being positive, you are contributing to the positive resolving of the situation in the near future.

Activities we find boring or useless

Make a list of activities that you do not enjoy doing such as doing the dishes, performing routine tasks at your job or any other activities that you find boring or less amusing. These are only opportunities for you to awaken and be alert. Understand that the activity itself as such is not important, but what is more important and significant is your attitude to appreciate what you are doing: Through this activity; you are able to bring in your conscious state of being. This means that you start to feel joy while doing the activity, knowing that this joy arises not from the activity itself but from a much deeper and authentic place, which is your inner self. Your inner self is the source of joy, compassion, peace, love and all other positive feelings.dishes

These activities are like vehicles that take us to the place where we can experience our own internal aliveness and state of being which is connected to stillness, peace, and pleasure.

Appreciate doing what you are doing is the magic formula that will help you shift your internal state of being. The more that you begin to radiate the feelings of positivity, the more that you will begin to experience your alignment with the universal flow of energy.

Show interest in what you are doing

When your inner purpose becomes aligned with your outer purpose, meaning when the universal flow of energy becomes aligned with the achievement of a certain goal, this means that you experience joy while doing something that represents part of your inner vision and goal.

If your goal or vision comes from a space to serve other people, to help other people, to serve the planet, to expand consciousness, to further enhance knowledge or wisdom, to contribute to the collective human awakening, you can rest assured that your goal arises from a much deeper place than just wanting more money, personal recognition, attention, power or position.

To test yourself whether you have interest in what you are currently doing, ask yourself following questions:

  • Do I feel anxiety or anger doing this activity?
  • Do I feel stressed?
  • Do I want and need things for myself such as more wealth, recognition from other people or certain possessions?

If you answered to any of these questions with “yes”, then chances are that your motives for pursuing a certain goal are ego based.

happy-boy-694999_640The more that your activities are ego based, the harder will it become to achieve that which you desire or need. If however, you apply the universal law of non-resistance, inclusion, and the power of creation by the goodness of life, you will find that you begin to move faster, with much greater intensity, power, energy and focus toward your desired goal.

Your desired goal should come from an authentic place. When your goal is aligned with the creative power of the universe, you become unstoppable and draw like a magnet positive experiences and people toward you.

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