Three Effective Ways to Get Things Done on Time: Good Goal Setting

Have you ever been overwhelmed with so many things to do, and the more you think about your goals and the more you want to get started, the harder it gets to move forward. Getting closer to your goal and doing things on time is very important but you know that if you start working on one thing, then all the others will be left undone. What makes matters even worse is if you are facing a certain dead line. At the same time, more than one goal is important and the deadlines are so tightly close!

The first reaction is to panic and put your hands on your head!

“What should I do first, where should I start now?” you are probably asking yourself and the more you seek for an answer the harder it gets to decide your first move and get started.

I want to share with you three simple yet effective ways to get things done and approach the accomplishment of your goal with quality and on time:

  1. Make a plan. Write down on a piece of paper what goals you need to accomplish and when is the deadline. Now take a look at your day and realize that during your day smaller tasks arise that need to be done which have nothing to do with the goal you need or want to finalize and meet the deadline. For example, let us assume that today is Monday and you need to study for an exam that happens on Friday as well as write an essay due on Thursday that week. Beginning with Monday, you will probably need to clean the house, take the kids to school or help them with their homework, go shopping for groceries or meet a doctor´s appointment, not to mention social interactions you want to make.
  2. Adopt an “I can do it” attitude. This is the first secret that successful people share. From this space, take a look at what you have done until now related to your goal that has a deadline and how much more has to be done. Then break down the unfinished activities into daily activities. You can devote certain hours to do the work which will bring you closer to your goal on a daily basis or you can decide to accomplish smaller portions at once. Now mentally go over the activities you need to accomplish during the day.
  3. Make the smallest move.  Even with the best of planning and commitment, often times we lose the motivation to begin working on our project making all sorts of excuses. Sometimes we struggle with holding our interest on our goal or we face concentration challenges. What helps here is to step back and relax for a second. Draw your attention within yourself and ask yourself how would you feel once this goal has been accomplished. Visualize the finished work within your mind. Feel the feeling of having things finally done and over with. From this center of feeling good and happy, make the frist smallest move toward your goal. It could be putting your books on the table, or opening the book on a certain page or writing the first line of your essay. The important thing is to make the first move and if you feel like continuing the work – perfect! If not, step back again and give yourself some time to refocus and decide when you want to continue with the work again.
We need to understand that our goals, responsibilites and daily activities can be divided in several categories:


A   Those which are urgent and very important – we need to keep our focus here! Like our exam on Friday and our Essay on Thursday.

B   Those which are urgent but not important – For example a friend sent us an e-mail and this does not directly correlate with our goal or spending time on social media for issues that do not contribute to our goal.

C   Those which are not urgent but very important – spend time with your kids, do the shopping for groceries, cook your meal

D   Those which are not urgent and not very important – we need to keep away from these activities like for example rearranging the furniture in your living room.

So the choice is yours!

Please share with me how do you striggle with goals that need to get done, or maybe you have another effective technique that you would like to share with us!

Can´t wait to see your commetns on this! I will leave you with this now…write down your comments below and have a great week.

I will catch you next Tuesday, here on my blog, with another interesting topic.

Until then, remeber to set priorities and take action!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark


  1. Coltin

    Well done arclite that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Hi Coltin, I am glad you found this article useful. I invite you to come back to my website more often and please feel free to share with your friends, LoL, Ginger.


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