Universal Law: Happiness at Its Core

What is the Universal Law?

The universal law states that our ideas, our thoughts create and shape our reality. This means that we need to take responsibility for being the creators of both good and bad events in our lives.


This is easier said than done. It is easy to take credit and be responsible for good events, but what about the events and circumstances that are unfavorable and unwanted?

The universal law states that everything created and manifested in the material world happens first within our minds. Everything is initiated with our thoughts, ideas and mental images that we create within our minds. This internal creation of thoughts is something that we need to become aware of and we need to pay more attention to.

So when we say that we want to create a better world, the way to begin is by starting to look at what goes within us.

We become what we think about. Every leader knows this. I discovered this universal law in my life. I was so unhappy and frustrated inside, and this reflected the things that I was creating around me. As soon as I became aware of this fact, things started shifting rapidly.IMG_6806

How can we work with the universal law of creation?

How can we align our lives with the law of the universe so that they correlate and move in the right spiral upward direction?


This whole universe we live in is a creative expression of energy and we are all given creative faculties. We can use these creative faculties for ourselves and for the benefit to every one we come in contact with.

We can form better ideas and opinions in our minds which we can then apply in the real world. We need to be aware, remain open and flexible to changes so that we can adequately adapt to all circumstances. We have the ability to change our mind accordingly and influence the outer circumstances to our benefit.

The right path is to be the cause for better effects in the outer world. We need to develop the ability to create new thoughts or rather thoughts that serve us. These are true thoughts because they allow us to let go of the old patterns and immerse ourselves in a new way of thinking beneficial to the outcomes that we desire.file0001015327171

We can master the use of our mind

This can be done by not allowing programs to run in our mind that support beliefs about scarcity and lack. The limited thinking which has been installed as a result of our past conditioning can be reprogrammed and transformed in a whole new belief system, beneficial to our personal growth and development.



All problems are mental in nature. That is why it is so important to understand that our life will become what we plant or rather what we think in our minds. We need to begin to use our thinking in a constructive manner. Deep, profound and truthful thoughts that serve us are real thoughts and this is where we need to put our attention to.


These new profound thoughts will cause new appropriate, beneficial feelings to arise, which in turn will cause beneficial actions to be taken on our part. This begins to shape our new reality, based on a whole new model of belief. With this attitude and approach in life we will be closer to the realization of the truth about ourselves and the truth about the meaning of the overall goodness of life.


The nature of our thinking, coming directly from our heart is what shapes our inner world. This inner world of thoughts and convictions controls us and we need to pay very close attention to this. We need to understand that we have the power and we are the authority that governs the outcome of our lives.


We are faced today with many political, social and economic problems and we question ourselves whether we can truly take control of our lives given these powerful and influential outer circumstances.

Can we become those who we truly want to become despite these outer limiting barriers?

The answer is that we have the power to shape our belief system within us and this will allow us to overcome any circumstance coming our way.


file0002026387392We meet problems and challenges in life with the awareness that we are responsible for that which we want to become and that we can control our life experience.


New circumstances can be created in our lives, by us and that limitations in life are only there if we believe that they actually exist.


We have the power and possibility of the creative mind. It is the creative mind that causes every thought we think, every idea we have, every action we take and the beliefs system we hold.


The mind is the cause of our state of being and this cause produces its effects. Understanding that our thinking is the key to our success is very liberating and this can in fact set in motion powerful forces that will help us achieve big and audacious goals.


Our inner world and the battle we face within ourselves expressed through our own limiting beliefs and feelings is the real obstacle in life.

We are the master. We can call forth our power to overcome negative feelings such as jealousy, helplessness, fear, guilt, shame. Faith is within our hands.

How can we recognize this power to determine the course of our future?


The creative plan for our life comes through our ideas and thoughts.It comes out of the void. There is the idea first, before it can manifest in the material world. This is the creative law at work and we are part of it.


Do not be a victim. Life happens through you and by you. The way you shape your ideas, the way you choose the thought that you want, is the way you actually choose your experience as well.


Cultivate your powers and do self-development. Change thinking for the better, we change life for better. We have a conscious choice to take control of our lives and activate the power of our thinking to shape the future that we desire.


Make it your intention to reconcile and be cooperative with the universal intention of life. This is what working with the universal law of creation really means.  We are part of something that is eternal, that is good and infinite. We came here on this planet to expand our wisdom and exercise our power to personally grow. Become aware that we are one with the whole universe.

Much Love and many Blessings,

Ginger Spark

creator of “How To Be Happy In Your Life”



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