The Ultimate Secret to Happiness – How to Create and Maintain a Joyful State of Being

Hey there, it´s Ginger! How do you feel today? Are you happy, joyful and overflowing with bliss or is it something else that you are feeling?emoticons-154050_640

The good news is that if you are already in a state of delight and contentment, there are tools and techniques how to maintain this state of being. If however you feel that you need to raise your internal frequency to match these higher states of being, there are tools here as well that can help you get there.tux-161507_640

Whatever the case, allow me to briefly explain the process that goes on behind the scenes. This process happens internally within you. The fact is that many people are not exactly aware of this.

Taking on the role of an observer, we can conclude that there is a whole chain of interdependent sequences that take place which determine our state of being.

Let us begin with the first sequence. This sequence is a combination of the thoughts that we are thinking in the present moment. Thoughts are electro-magnetic charges that cause the neurons in our brain to get active and to communicate with one another.bulb-40701_640

How can thoughts be an electro-magnetic process? What does electro-magnetic mean?

Electro: because we draw in energy from the surrounding universe

Magnetic: because we then attract the corresponding manifestation in the real world.

Our thoughts happen in our mind. It is a common belief that our mind is in our brain, which is of course very true. However, science especially neuron-science proves now-a-days that our mind is found in every cell of our body. Therefore, we have a thinking brain and a thinking body.

As a result of our thinking process, we open up the field of choice. There is an infinite field of possibilities open to us and we have the choice to choose between the thoughts we think and the choices we make:

The choices we make in turn determine the way we behave or do certain things, as well as our attitudes.

Our attitudes, behavior and actions generate our experience. Each one of us has a different experience of a certain event, circumstance or situation depending on the thoughts, choices and actions. We need to take a closer look at what exactly contributed to generate the certain

Now we come to the part where we begin to feel a certain emotion. This emotion or energy in motion is a consequence of the sequence described above. The feelings are felt and stored in our body. These feelings draw or attract other feelings that are compatible with the frequency of the existing feelings. They act like a magnet that pulls appropriate incidents, affairs and occasions back toward us.

Exercise: How to Create and Maintain a Joyful State of Being

  1. Calm your self down
  2. Observe the inner thoughts that you are thinking during the present moment
  3. Get a control over your thoughts.
  4. Formulate the thoughts you are thinking and write them down
  5. Begin to discipline your mind: give it thoughts that you would like your mind to think
  6. Formulate new, constructive thoughts and write them down
  7. Formulate a new set of beliefs that would help you make a wise choice

You will begin to notice, that by changing your thoughts and your beliefs, you will begin to make a set of new choices. This will influence your attitudes, behavior and the action-steps you are going to make.

The result is that you will be able to generate a new experience for yourself. You will also notice that your feeling has changed and your whole state of being is different.

Once you have managed to turn the thinking process in the upward, positive direction you can also maintain it by repeating the positive thoughts that you created in the exercise above.

I hope you have fun doing it. Please share your experience with me in the comment section below. I will surely reply!

Until next time,

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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