The Seven Chakras – Chakra Essentials Overview

The word Chakra translated from Sanskrit to English means wheel or circle. Chakras are wheels of energy throughout the human body and there are seven main chakras in the body., These spheres of swirling energy are locations in the body, aligned along the spine were consciousness transforms into form.chakra-1613982_640

Our chakras need to stay open and attuned to energy coming into the body. If there is a blocked energy, because of psychological, emotional or spiritual reasons, our energy cannot flow freely. We need to learn how to keep our chakras open and in harmony with life. And the way we do this is: through awareness.

We Keep Our Chakras Open Through Awareness

Physical pain in some part of our body is a manifestation of some sort of misalignment between the inflow and outflow of energy. If for example, we feel back pain, our second and third chakra might be affected. The reason for this back pain might be some psychological fear like for example the fear that there might not be enough money or the fear of lack.

Let me give a short explanation of the seven chakras, to enhance your understanding how consciousness might be linked with your physical body or form.

The first, second and third chakras are at the base of the spine and they have more of a physical character.

Chakra Essentials Overview

The First Chakra: RED in color. If we feel safe and feel no fear, it means that this chakra is open. If however we are afraid of something, either on a conscious or subconscious level, this might cause our first chakra to close. Therefore, if we feel frightened, unsafe or threatened these are manifestations that there might be some sort of energy disbalance in our first chakra. Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food are the root causes of our fears.chakras-310119_640

The Second Chakra: ORANGE in color.  This chakra is our sexual center and the center of creativity. It is located below our belly button and above the pubic bone. The second chakra is visualized as a red ball of energy, with an orange color. Our second chakra determines our connection and ability to accept others and accept new experiences. Our sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, and sexuality is associated with this second energy wheel.

The Third Chakra: YELLOW in color. This chakra is the origin of our personal power, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. This chakra is believed to be linked with our ability to take control over our lives and determine our personal destiny.

The Fourth Chakra, GREEN in color, is the center where our emotions, spirit, and flesh meet. This is where we feel the love, presence, and connection with the whole universe. This chakra determines our ability to love ourselves and love other human beings, as well as our ability to awaken to the unified field of love within the whole universe.

The Firth Chakra, BLUE in color, is located in the throat area and allows our verbal expression and our ability to speak our truth. Our ability to communicate is closely interwoven with our fifth chakra as well.

The Sixth Chakra, PURPLE in color, is located on our forehead, between our eyebrows. This is the point of intuition and can be visualized as a purple beam of light coming into our head through the forehead. This point of energy determines our focus and preparedness to see the bigger picture.

The Seventh Chakra, WHITE in color, is centered at the top of our head and is said to provide the spiritual connection to ourselves from a more enlightened, creative and higher perspective. This chakra represents the connection to the  higher version of ourselves. Experiencing pure bliss and establishment into being comes through this chakra.

Listen to Your Body to Getting Clues if Your Chakras are Aligned

Here is a short overview on how chakra blockages can manifest in a person’s physical body:photography-945822_640

  1. First Chakra Blocked – we feel constricted, cannot let go easily of things, we have problems with our bones, legs, feet, elimination and weight issues.
  2. Second Chakra Blocked – we feel low on energy, lack of joy and happiness, we are either hypo or hyper-emotional and might experience problems with our reproductive system and urinary system.
  3. Third Chakra Blocked – our desires are locked in and we have difficulty manifesting them. Lack of confidence and self-esteem, as well as shame, are psychological issues we might experience. Problems with digestion, hypertension, allergies or diabetes are some physical manifestations.
  4. Fourth Chakra Blocked – we might feel isolated and lonely, lack of fulfillment and difficulty to give or receive love. Asthma, heart or lung issues might be present.
  5. Fifth Chakra Blocked – our inability to communicate freely and to speak our truth might cause problems in our creativity and tendency to control things. Neck pain, shoulder pain, sore throat and thyroid issues can occur when this chakra is blocked.
  6. Sixth Chakra Blocked – when we experience a lack of vision for our life, lack of concentration and we rely too much on our mind and rational thinking. we might physically begin to experience headaches, nightmares, and emotional issues.
  7. Seventh Chakra Blocked  – we have difficulty to get things done, we might feel depressed, confused and cut out from life in general. Physical manifestations might be mental illness, depression, and loss of meaning for life.

Positive Affirmations to Unblock Your Chakras

Whenever any of the above symptoms, either emotional, psychological or physical occur, put your hands on the corresponding chakra, visualize the swirling energy in the appropriate color for that chakra and say the following positive affirmations for each chakra as follows;I feel safe.

Chakra 1: I feel safe.

Chakra 2: I am creative.

Chakra 3: I feel strong and powerful.

Chakra 4: I open my heart to give and receive love.

Chakra 5: I have important things to say and I can live my truth.

Chakra 6: I feel connected to my own inner knowing.

Chakra 7: I feel connected to all of life and the whole universe loves and supports me.

Please share your insights and your comments below and let me know how this blog helped you gain some insights into your life.

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