The Secret to Having Faith -7 Simple Law of Attaction Basics

Hey there, it´s Ginger!

Have you ever had the experience that your hard work isn´t bringing you the results that you desire?pieces-of-the-puzzle-592798_640

It can feel really challenging and annoying when you’re doing all that is supposed to be done. You are totally focused, clear on your goal, patient and persistant. And yet, the results and the wins are missing!

I am pretty sure most of you can relate to this.

I definitely have had and still have my “energy voids.”  That’s why I felt that I needed to share the seven simple Law of Attraction basics. In this blog you are going to see what lies behind the scenes when things do not pay off for you..

So what is the secret to having faith and applying the seven essential Law of Attraction principles?

How can we stay genuinely focused on your goal without losing patience, trust or getting frustrated?

Here is the science behind this issue:

  1. It is your responsibility to set the intention, take the appropriate action and then let go. After you have taken the necessary steps that came out of your healthy concern you need to let go and let the universe do its part.
  2. Repeat to yourself that things will happen in their own due time and you do not need to force anything. Be patient and make waiting time full will joyful activities.
  3. Have trust and faith in life. Whatever happens, or does not happen is to your best and will serve you. Things will happen the way they should, your worrying is not going to change anything.
  4. Do not try to figure things out. Only do what is to be done on your part.
  5. Take action: talk to professionals, read professional literature, check on the internet, analyze and compare, ask for advice from people you trust and contemplate on the solution. Make sure you have done all you could that lies within your knowledge, power and resources.Then, let it go and simply trust that all will be well.
  6. The universe works at its own speed. This is difficult to accept in today´s society when we want things done fast. The principles of the law of attraction state that there are no timetables and schedules attached to this law. There are only certain guidelines and procedures required for the law of attraction to work, such as those described above. It is your responsibility to be confident in the ability of the law of attraction and have faith while you are waiting.
  7. If you charge yourself with thoughts of disbelief, it sets off a motion of negative vibrations. This negative energy is sufficient to neutralize or set back the whole process of positive attraction. Remember, if you are vibrating negative energy you will attract more negative energy back onto yourself.

Now that you know the seven simple Law of Attraction basics, it is up to you to obey and implement them. Otherwise, you might be faced with the following negative consequences:head-1597572_640

In the area of social interactions, you might be:
1. Hard to get along with
2. Become socially isolated
3. Manifesting bad mood
4. Experiencing Insecurity
5. Always talking about your problems

The impact on your personally if you do not obey and implement the Law of Attraction basics might be:
1. Busy with unproductive thinking
2. Energy drain
3. Loss of health
4. Depression
5. Loss of interest in life

These are the tendencies that you might expect to manifest in your behavior:
1. You are partnering with your problems and not letting them go
2. You hope to find answers in external sources
3. Laughing and smiling disappear
4. Life becomes too serious and a burden
5. Life becomes hard and a struggle.

Make a partnership with the attitude of trust, faith and love. Learn to trust and have faith.

Worry is the end of faith.

How do we deconstruct worry? Here is an exercise for you to help you release your worry:

1. Become aware that worry is present or that you are experiencing worry.
2. Choose to remain in higher consciousness and look at your worry from the outside
3. Get a present moment experience. Focusing on your breath can bring you quickly in the present moment: Listen to your surroundings, see where you are, smell, touch, and shift your attention.
4. Take note of your body and how comfortable you feel.
5. Rest peacefully in this present moment and take wonder of the mystery of being alive and present at this moment despite all difficulties, pain, suffering, challenges, and issues.
6. Intentionally say to yourself:

  • I am calm, poised, serene and full of love and understanding.
  • All will be well
  • The universe is on my side. The Law of Attraction will draw in all the knowledge and possibilities to get this problem solved
  • The universe will solve this problem for me on its own and in its own due time. This serves me at its best.
  • I trust in the goodness of the universe. I have its back.

Now that you have had the chance to learn about faith and the seven Law of Attraction basics, I would love to hear from you!

  1. What specific area of your life puts your faith under challenge?
  2. How have you faced your efforts that did not bring the expected reward?

Leave a comment below and let me know if and how this blog could help you in any way.

Until then, I leave you with my heartfelt blessings and sencere feelings of support,







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