The Path to Freedom – Five Obstacles That Block The Way

True freedom begins when we let go of our boundaries established by our ego. Here are five obstacles that stand in the way and do not allow us to walk along the path toward freedom. These obstacles limit us from experiencing joy, love, compassion, peace and empathy: seagull-416129_640

  1. A false understanding of who you truly are – you tend to believe you are your body, your profession, your race and color
  2. Being attached to things that have limited duration – like your age, social, economical and political circumstances
  3. Fear of permanent change and transformation – nothing stands still and everything is in a constant movement and change
  4. Identification with our ego identity  – wealth, money, social status, education, age, origin
  5. Being afraid what comes after death – not truly understanding that each and every day our cells die and renew themselves, but something else, called YOU remains the same!

How to move beyond these obstacles and experience liberation is something I want to share with you.

I have been featured this month in the Australian magazine Soul Sister Wisdom on the topic of Freedom, by offering seven steps leading toward true freedom. Feel free to visit and have fun reading….

Yours, Ginger


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