The Goodness of Life – 5 Steps to Develop Trust Even in Most Difficult Times – First Intention

It is easy to be a hero when all things are well and we can expect an even happier outcome. However, when the going gets rough at times, it is only the tough ones that get going. Allow me to explain the message I want to convey. Being tough starts with these five simple intentions:

  1. Become Aware
  2. Abandon Immediate Action
  3. Allow Diversity
  4. Accept without Judgment
  5. Detach from the Story

In this blog I will explain intention number one:

Become Aware

The following four blogs will deal with the remaining four intentions. So keep tuned in and do not miss the information which is coming up.

Make it your first intention to become aware.

When you realize that you are under stress. step back and relax. Stop blaming circumstances, events and other people. Instead focus on yourself and stop analyzing the outer situation.

If you are dealing with a health challenge which has come about as a result of some stress you had been facing, then it is definitely time to shift your energetic state. If for example, you are too active and overdoing, it is high-time to take time to draw back into stillness, inactivity and contemplation.

If however your stress arises out of a financial issue that you have been facing for quite some time, this is the right moment to get a hold of the situation and find a solution to your problem. It also often happens that people are unsatisfied with the job they currently have and this impacts their well-being as well. Research shows that job satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the number one cause of stress-related issues. In this respect, dealing with your passion and choosing the right job and career should become your priority.

Our relationships can also provide fertile ground for uneasiness, conflict and unresolved issues, all contributing to raise our stress level to the point where we need to become aware of this stress and start doing something about it. We need to change its root causes, meaning we need to focus our attention on improving our

Before we begin analyzing and dealing with the outer situation, I invite you to shift your focus inward.

Here is the procedure to effectively deal with stress in any area of your life, and let the goodness of life be on your side again:

  • Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and think of something you truly love or something that makes you happy. The moment you bring this into your mind, it could be for e.g. a child you love, someone who gives you comfort, someone whom you trust and adore, or it could be a situation where you felt secure and loved. Perhaps you could also think of a situation where you felt like a winner or you had total control over a situation.
  • After seeing this image in your mind, begin feeling all positive emotions and sensations that arise, however big or small.
    Sit for a few seconds with this image, these feelings and emotions in your mind and keep on feeling them . Make this image as real as possible, as if you are experiencing it here and now.
  • The feelings, sensations, emotions and positive thoughts that arise will give you new, positive and fresh energy.
    Allow the warmth of this positivity to penetrate every cell of your body and refuel your energetic state back to the original positive level as much as possible.

Becoming aware serves the purpose to realize that there is something that is bothering you and that something has been bothering you for some time. The fact that something contributes to making you feel uneasy, restless, and uncomfortable is the first signal to set the intention to come back to your center and stop the energy drain.

Before working on the root causes for your stress, you need to focus your immediate attention on winning your energy back.

To win your energy back, make it your first intention to become aware and shed some light on the ignorance. Be no longer willing to ignore your own internal state of being. Instead, become aware and draw your attention inward. Follow the procedure explained above to shift your energetic state and only after you have come out of the stressful state of being, begin to deal with the issues that need your immediate attention and that have been the root causes of your stress.battery-23999_640

Your energy is much too precious to be left unattended. Living in ignorance is a state that needs to be stopped.

By becoming aware you shed light on the darkness that contributes to the loss of your energy.

Trust in the goodness of life and know that all will be well. Life offers us many opportunities, circumstances and occasions, both good and bad, that can contribute to our own personal growth and evolution. Regardless of the situation, regardless of how bad something might look there is something positive here for you to learn and grow.

Stay tuned to the next four blogs, to get a complete overview how to open up to the goodness of life and receive the gifts intended especially for you.

What area of your life needs your awareness? Where do you feel discomfort? Please leave your comment below and engage in the conversation.

Until next blog,

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark





  1. Paticia Rodgers

    Wow. Violeta, reading through your blog,I started thinking is she talking to me! You comment about stressing out about financial affairs, and stepping back and taking control, My husband says this all time when the bank account get low. I also love the way you put the the procedure to deal with stress, letting the goodness come back was something I needed to read. and the bullet points that you have provided as well. I will continue to read your blog, for more information about dealing with my stress and short fuse…

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Dear Patricia, so happy to read your comment! I am glad I could help…feel free to come back to my blog again. Lots of Love, Ginger.

    2. Sherry

      I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or undnsrtaeding more. Thanks for great information I was looking for this info for my mission.

      1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

        Hey Scherry, thank you for your comment and do stay tuned in…there is more coming! 🙂 Please feel free to share with your friends as well. LoL, Ginger

  2. Rachel

    I totally agree that the more stress we feel, the greater the need for relax. Humans are just like rubber bands. When we are stressed, we are stretched. If we don’t relax in time, we will get ‘loose’. If we are overstretched, we break. To retain our elasticity, we need to relax more often. However, many people now are too caught up in the busy frenzy to see the wisdom in this.

    And the way to know if we need to relax? Self-awareness, another thing that is badly lacking in our generation today. Many people are lost, they do not have an inner call or a life purpose to direct them, simply because they aren’t aware enough of their own hearts.

    It’s great that you are teaching people on the goodness of life. I look forward to your future posts!

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment, Rachel. Keep in touch! LoL, Ginger


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