The Goodness of Life – Allow and Develop Trust Even in Most Difficult Times – Third Intention

In the previous two blogs I talked about strategies how to encounter adversities, that make us feel devastated, stressed, confused and unhappy. In continuation of this series of five blogs, we have come now to the third intention for crafting a strategy to respond in most difficult times. Being tough starts with first of all becoming aware, then abandoning immediate action, and now I would like to talk to you about the third intention being:

Allow Diversity

1. Allow Opposing Views: directory-1161965_640 (1)In general terms, there are many different people on this planet and each one has their unique way of encountering events, circumstances, situations and other people. That is why it is normal that we tend to disagree at times and want to react or respond to a situation differently. The point is, if you want to hold your point of view and remain firm in your conviction to take your own stand, you need to be ready to allow opposing views. Have a clear image to where you want to go and the way you want to respond is solely up to you and exclusively your very own choice. Bychoosing to respond instead of to react, you prove to yourself that you have chosen to follow the law of non-resistance and allow yourself and other people to see things differently.
people-1099795_6402. Allow Diversity: It is actually a blessing that we live in a world where human kind manifests difference in appearance, skin colors, race, gender, age, geographical location, economic, social and political culture and so on. Everyone has a birth right to be different and to celebrate their uniqueness. Whenever these differences trigger stress, conflict or frustration we need to remind yourself of this blessing and be grateful for being exposed to a situation that calls upon us to engage in creative thinking to find an appropriate answer and solution to the problem or challenge at hand.
3. Allow Yourself to Feel Uncertainty; Adopt a relaxed attitude. Learn to be loosen up and let the energy flow freely. Always strive to remain centered and trust that this from centeredness good will surface. Allow yourself to feel helpless knowing that there is a way out of this situation and that the way will be shown to you in its own good time. If you feel helpless and confused, this is a sign that you do not know everything and that you have not been prepared for everything. Use this opportunity to expand your consciousness and craft a creative answer.becoming-889218_640

4. Love your enemies: Understand that everyone takes action according to the state of consciousness that he is in. The actions people take reflect the way they think, choose, feel and behave. One can say that it is no one´s fault that a certain person, group or community thinks and acts the way it does. Once you understand this, it will be much easier to start thinking good to those that hate and harm us. Extend a loving thought to any one and anything and remove the opposition. Remove the opposition in your consciousness. We can work on our mind and change what going on inside of us. By forgiving our enemies we eliminate the toxicity from within ourselves. Our life begins to flow. We are raised above the thought of hate. We are in a higher vibration and we begin to attract things that vibrate on this higher vibrational level.
bokeh-1019398_6405. When you allow, you are in the flow of life: Call forth the highest good in you when confronted with difficult situations and hard circumstances. You will then attract the highest good toward you. In some cases or situations, it might be that your point of view proved to be wrong or incorrect. It is OK to acknowledge this fact, apologize if necessary and forgive yourself for not knowing better.

6. Allow the Next Version of Yourself to Surface; When you allow, it basically means that you transcend your ego based identity. You move beyond your ego boundaries and enter the field of pure potentiality. It is in this field of piece, equanimity and tranquility you will discover that allowing represents a generous and noble attitude worth nurturing. Being humble helps you increase your self-esteem. Allowing actually makes you strong and powerful.

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Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark


  1. Sandy

    What a beautiful website and fantastic message! If people followed the points you wrote about, the world would be a fantastic place. Thank you for writing about them. Though the ideas you presented aren’t new and I try to live according to them, it isn’t. Beautiful websites like yours are a great reminder and help to get back on the right path.

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Thank you, Sandy! Yes, indeed, I do believe that our life offers so many possibilities for learning and growing, and once we become aware about these opportunities and implement the tools that we have learned, many things will improve. Lots of Love, Ginger


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