The Goodness of Life – 5 Steps to Develop Trust Even in Most Difficult Times – Second Intention

Throughout life, we encounter many good and bad events. The good events are much easier to deal with, so I will not elaborate on this point. More over, I would like to draw your attention on the bad events which can cause quite a lot of turmoil in our lives.

There are bad events which we can control, meaning that we might have been the cause for these events. For example: due to your uncooperative, controlling or jealous behavior you might now be facing the consequence that your partner wants to leave you or even worse, he left you already. Due to unhealthy lifestyle you might now be facing a challenging health issue. Your careless approach to money matters might have gotten you into financial difficulties or your careless behavior might had been the cause of an accident, stolen property or loss of another kind.volcano-149484_640 (1)

On the other hand, there are bad events such as natural catastrophes, human catastrophes, weather conditions or accidents of all kind where there is no particular thing or person to blame. These bad events seem to happen on their own and leave us to deal with the tragic or devastating consequences.

Developing resilience is equally important in both situations!

In my first blog of this five-intention series to develop trust in the goodness of life, even in most difficult times, I explained the first intention of “Becoming Aware”.

I would like to draw your attention on the second intention now, which is:

Abandon Immediate Action

Whatever happened, happened for a reason whether you are familiar with the reason or not.

  1. Stop your urge to fight, resist, prohibit, or suppress.
  2. Simply become aware and submit to the authority of the situation.
  3. Acknowledge the crisis and permit feelings and emotions that arise.
  4. Recognize the powerful influence of the negative situation and do nothing at the moment.
  5. Step back and focus exclusively on your very own internal state of being.

How do you feel?

Are you contracted, scared, anxious, frightened, confused, helpless, guilty, or what emotions surface within you?

  • Give your emotions and feelings a name and allow their energy to pulsate in your body for some time, until the first tide of turbulence is over.
  • Become aware of the way you are breathing and set the intention to make your breathing deeper.
  • Visualize how with each breath you release the contraction, fear, negativity and all other toxic emotions and how you gradually purify yourself. Let your breath do the emotional cleansing.
  • Do not use your mind and do not engage in any rational thoughts, judgments that only serve to replay the bad situation.

When you are ready, extend curiosity by following these principles:

  1. meerkat-1352562_640Once you have gained control over your internal state of being make an effort to think about something positive.
  2. Say to yourself that this bad situation has a reason and you are here to find out what this reason is. However, do not engage in analysis or judgment of the situation until you feel that you are centered and back to your normal self. This might take some time to occur, so please be patient.
  3. Focus on yourself, not on the situation.
  4. Extend curiosity by asking yourself what could be your right next step, What would the best thing for you to do?

Letting go of immediate action in course of adversity of any kind helps us gather our composure first and foremost and allows us to be centered. Only from this internal state of focus, clarity and strength we are in the position to analyze, understand and rationalize about the external event and take a stand point appropriate to be the base for further actions.

I hope you enjoyed this blog-post and it could help you in some way or another,

Until next blog, do not forget to leave your comments below and let me know how you felt and how you dealt with an adversity in your life.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark


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