The Goodness of Life – 5 Steps to Develop Trust Even in Most Difficult Times – Fifth Intention

We humans own a miraculous thinking device – our brain. This is the part of our body where rational thinking takes place: the cortical brain or cerebral cortex.

Often times it is exactly our mind that can cause us many problems and  hard times because our mind is constantly in action. When good thoughts occupy the mind, good chemicals are produced within our body and we do not need to worry about this state. It is when negativity starts dominating our way of thinking that things get a little bit more complicated.abstract-1293337_640

Negativity in form of negative thoughts, negative actions and negative feelings influence our bodies to lose energy, weaken our immune system and cause all sorts of bodily malfunctions.

We need to make the mind still. This means that we need to slow down the speed of our thoughts especially when they begin revolving around a negative concept.

I will call this process

Detach from the Story

mask-1305302_640-1What is the story? The story starts within our own mind and we are the story-tellers.

We believe that we are

  1. The roles that we play in life – For example, to my children I am the mother. To my parents I am the daughter. To my siblings I am the sister. To my colleagues I am the consultant. To my readers I am the author and so on and so on. But I am actually none of these. I am the one who is aware of all these roles. If I am aware, I can detach.
  2. The career we pursue – we are so attached to what we do during the day, that we play and replay these stories all the time, believing that everything evolves around this topic. I am aware of this fact, which makes it easier for me to detach now.
  3. Our financial status – whether rich or poor, or middle class, we allow our financial status to determine the level of happiness in our lives.
  4. Our gender, race and social conditioning – we identify with attributes that appear to be so real, even though these are only meanings to things that we have adopted and accepted

How do we detach from the story?

If detachment from the story were to be the answer to our problems and if this detachment could contribute to reducing the stress level in our lives we need a map or a way to achieve this. And here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Start by stating: ” If I am aware, I can detach.”
  2. Separate yourself from the story by seeing what is happening to you from another perspective: from the perspective of being the observer to what is happening to you, around you and within you.
  3. Focus on your breathing and imagine that you enter a place reserved only for you. Everything is quiet, peaceful and you are in total control. This domain is your true domain. This is where you find yourself.
  4. It is now easier to understand and change the story, as well as diminish its strength, harshness and seriousness.
  5. Give yourself permission to sit with this feeling and allow creative thoughts to surface.

I hope these tips and insights can help to you truly detach from your personal story and the challenge that you are facing. Please share your comments in the comment thread below, and let me know what you think about this blog post. 

Much Love and Heartfelt Blessings,

Ginger Spark


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