5 Strategies To Overcome Resistance

Life is an ever changing process and we are very much a part of this process. That is why learning strategies to overcome resistance and keep ourselves in the flow grows in importance. This means that we permanently change and evolve. I can witness this for myself in my own life. By constantly learning and growing I find myself modelling new structures and modifying or entirely eliminating some existing situations.IMG_20150322_092137

Let me be more specific and give you an example that made me start thinking about the importance of adopting certain strategies to overcome resistance when we are in the process of transformation and personal growth.

Strategy Number One:   Respond, do not React

A friend called me the other day and asked me to come to a socializing event with some people I used to hang out with. The thing is though, I somehow have outgrown their company and felt I could no longer share my current passion with them.

After I refused the kind invitation, my friend made a sharp remark that by refusing to take part in this socializing event I was beginning to isolate myself and this could be devastating.

I could have reacted and started arguing that her remark was very much beside the point and that I currently hang out with people with whom I share mutual interests. Instead I chose the path of no resistance and simply responded that she is right, regarding the fact that I will be isolated if I do not take part of this event. What is in fact true is that I am isolating myself of useless conversation.

By being meek and not holding opposing views, I retained my self-esteem. I felt myself being powerful and strong in this situation by choosing such a response. This is how I allowed myself to move beyond the experience that is less than the life that I choose to live. I have a clear image to where I am going and I chose not to waste time by engaging in conversations that did not really matter and hanging out with people who no longer fulfilled my needs for growth and evolution.

When we respond – we have to think. We are in control. We are choosing how we want to be at that moment. This is nonresistance.  Reacting is a habit..

If a difficult situation arises you have a choce to respond. My advice to you is do not agree with difficult conditions and do not talk about these difficult circumstances because the more you concentrate on the problem the more of the energy which is lower in nature begins to flow through you. This brings you in a lower state of vibration and this is exactly how you create resistance.

Strategy Number Two: Work on your Prosperity and Abundance Consciousness.

Do not work on your limitation or problem, do not dwell upon it. Instead, work on that which you want. Rise up to a higher level of consciousness. We are evolving. We can have a breakthrough.DSCN0893

Adopt a relaxed attitude. Learn to be loose and let the energy flow freely.

Strive to put good out and good comes back to you even though not immediately. Interesting thing is however, if you put bad out, you get more bad in almost instantaneously.

Strategy Number Three:  Forget the Fighting.

You cannot change another person. You can only change yourself and your perception of your situation. Let yourself flow as freely as the stream.

Begin to see the good in people. Melt the hardness in yourself. When you concentrate and think about the good we begin to connect with an ever greater good.

Love your enemies. Do good to those that hate and use you. Extend a loving thought to any one and anything and remove the opposition. Remove the opposition in your consciousness. We can work on our mind and change what going on inside of us.

Our life begins to flow. We are raised above the thought of hate. We are in a higher vibration and we begin to attract things that vibrate on this higher vibrational level.

Call forth the highest good in you when confronted with difficult situations and hard circumstances. You will then attract the highest good toward you.

This attitude of nonresistance goes toward your favor. It takes the weapons away from other people when they try to harm you through hate and malice.

Strategy Number Four:  Apologize and Admit You Are Wrong.

Ignore the hardness of the situation.  Accept the condition as evidence of the existence of goodness and more evidence will begin to appear that you are on the right track.

This type of an attitude makes you strong. A weak person fights back. You are strong when you let things be and allow. Then there is no resistance on your side and tings begin to flow by easily and hard conditions disappear. You simply agree and you are in the flow.

Strategy Number Five:  Allow the Next Version of Yourself to Surface.

These circumstances when we are called upon to respond from a higher level of consciousness are a true blessing. They call forth the strength that lies within us and allow us to learn, develop and grow ourselves further. There is so much possible for you.

Be aligned with the greater field of possibility. Be nonresistant and humble. It is silly and stupid to fight the law. Practice being meek and experience the power that lies within this attitude.

You attract what you believe! Do not argue, boast, do not be angry and proud. When you refuse to argue you have won the argument. It is not important what others think about you. What really matters is what you think.file9391239897034

Being meek helps you increase your self-esteem. Being meek makes you strong and powerful. By being meek we allow ourselves to move beyond the experience that is less than the life that we choose to live. Have a clear image to where you are going.

This is how you open the door to experience more fulfillment, joy and success in your life.

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Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark


  1. Terry

    Yours is a clever way of thkining about it.

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      thank you, Terry!


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