Stop Pocrastinating and Learn to Gain Self-Confidence in 5 Simple Steps

Have you caught yourself postponing activities and never feeling ready to begin? Well, my friend, you might be suffering from the Procrastination Disease, and now is the time you acknowledge this and time you take appropriate action. Procrastination! The number one threat to taking action and moving on!

woman-427320_640Sure, we would all love to get things done fast and on time. But how? Today, in this blog I would like to share some simple tips, summarized in five steps that will help you get unstuck and achieve phenomenal things.

As the author of the book Beyond Your Current Reality, available on and after doing extensive research on the subject of procrastination, I have made it my intention to reach out to as many people as possible and give them the tools to start moving in the direction of goal-achievement. My first-hand experience on the subject of overcoming negative emotions and beginning to take action helps me understand the barriers which people encounter in their lives that keep them away from living their lives to the fullest.

Here are the five simple steps to get you in motion and bring you closer to achieving your goals:

1. Start mechanically doing something that you are afraid of doing – my tip is to get yourself into the motion of actually doing something. If you are afraid to start moving toward your goal, then one possible solution to getting you in the motion is to begin writing. First, take a pen in your hand and simply hold it. This will automatically help you focus your thoughts on the subject that is bothering you and keeping you stuck. My advice is to start writing whatever comes to mind, without worrying about grammar or spelling or how things will come out. By doing this, you will eventually come up with the conclusion about what your next right move might be.

notebook-1194456_6402. Adopt a success mindset – Procrastination is also all about our negative thinking patterns. Our mind is constantly busy with all kinds of thoughts, and there are thoughts that automatically come to mind. These habitual thoughts have been stored in the  memory bank of your subconscious mind. Experience shows that many people struggle with negative memories which generate negative thoughts. Because of the fact that these negative thoughts emerge from the subconscious, we are not even aware of them most of the time. Therefore, we need to make it our intention to think reassuring thoughts like: “I can succeed”, “I am as good as anyone else”, and “I am prepared to give my best!”

3. Express gratitude –  Make it your habit, before you start your day, to go through in your head about things that you are grateful for. It does not have to be anything big. We can express gratitude for the smallest of things. For example: “I am grateful that my back is better today.”, “I am grateful that my kids are all well off.”. Expressing gratitude makes you focus on the good things in life and elicits positive emotions. Once these positive emotions have “warmed up” the synaptic networks in your brain, you are more likely to focus on the positive during the day and things will seem much easier to

4. Take care of your outer appearance – The way you look on the outside has a positive correlation with the way that you “look ” on the inside. A nice outer appearance can make you feel good and can raise your level of happiness and satisfaction with yourself. This automatically helps raise your level of self-confidence and you will feel more likely to undertake things that will help you achieve what you actually want to achieve. Remember to always smile, and I mean smile BIG! Sit up straight, put your best clothes on, do something to pamper yourself up. Prove to yourself that you care about yourself and you are important.

girl-1361904_6405. Breathe with Enthusiasm – Think about the gift of life! Think about all of the good things you can do in your life and how humanity can benefit from this. It would be a pity that we fellow human beings do not get the chance to experience your gift, just because you have stood in your way. Therefore, approach your life with positive energy and enthusiastically express this positive energy. Know that the things you want to share will be highly welcomed by people because of the good things that they will learn. Talk enthusiastically, walk and behave enthusiastically. Enthusiasm is infectious – in the positive sense. The more that we and other people approach life with enthusiasm, the happier that we become and the more prepared for action that we all become.

I deeply believe in the insights and strategies I shared with you in this blog. Each of us has the capacity to become a great leader if and only if we are brave enough to open our hearts and stop procrastinating.

Once you’ve had a chance to read this blog and discover the five-step process to stop procrastinating, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject.

Like always, let us engage in a productive discussion in the comment thread below. I truly look forward to your insights!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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