Some Questions on Self Image and Values

What makes you excited, happy and fulfilled inside?

Is it when someone shows appreciation and acknowledgement toward you, or you have done something good toward another person or you have accomplished a task and are now simply happy about this.

Have a sense of what is possible for you to experience and start building your sense of identity also called your self-image.

Examine different areas of your life such as your health, relationship, freedom in your life, aliveness, money and wealth.

Develop and establish your image congruent with the thing, situation or circumstance you desire. This means that there is harmony between your self-image and that which you want.  Hold this image in your mind and adjust your behavior to be in alignment with your mental picture. Your behavior will then match the realization of the image you have for yourself.

What kind of a self-image are you holding?

What do you believe about yourself?  Your whole life is a reflection of the image you hold for your self, your company, your business is also the manifestation of the image that you hold.

You can lift yourself from where you are to where you rightfully belong. You are the highest form of creation on the planet. This is the truth. Do you hold this truth within yourself?

Growth is inevitable and personal growth is a choice._DSC0207

What is self image what would be an appropriate definition for self image?

What I mean is that your self-image is a combination of your thoughts you have about yourself. If  you change in your thoughts, your change your self-image. This is the key to every person. It controls all your activities.

Adjust your thoughts and the image you are holding. Then you will experience success and fulfillment.  Have constructive and proper thoughts and you are going to win!

Superior thought is expansive, you relax your body and this is your connection to the truth.

Nothing can drown you. you follow your drams and condemn littleness and negativity. Think constructively of all and everything.reflection

Through personal growth we can transform our whole existence for the better.

By grasping higher and larger conceptions of good thoughts and images and drawing in focus, care and action we begin to think beyond current circumstances. We are then drawn to higher planes of existence and being. Our life becomes a fuller expression.  Always look for the good in a situation and imagine the ideal state.

Your personal values form the core of your personality.

Values are our fundamental beliefs. They are the principles we use to define tht which is good, right and just. Values provide guidance as we determine the right vs the wrong, the good vs bad. They are our standards.

Typical values include:  honesty, integrity, compassion, courage, honor, responsitility patriotism, respect and fairness.

I invite you to answer these three simple yet profoundly important questions:

  1. Who are you? What do you love to do?
  2. What do you stand for?
  3. What do you believe in?


If you live your life consistent with your core values and ideals, you will experience higher self-esteem and self-respect,

Your values are the foundation for your life. Write down your values, by answering the three questions.

To me being trustworthy, consequent, and reliable is very important.

I like it when others are honest, loyal and generous.

I appreciate myself everytime I am helpful, compassionate, kind, and considerate.

I like to share wisdom and knowledge with as many people as possible.

Helping others and guiding others on their life journey gives me satisfaction.

I am especially pround when I have helped someone achieve the desired goal.


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Ginger Spark


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