Reality is stranger than fiction. Or is it?” ~Bob Proctor

Ever heard of the saying “Reality is stranger than fiction?”

I don’t know who coined that phrase… but one thing’s for sure.

He/she has never been exposed to the Law Of Attraction.heart-1345068_640

I know because…

To a person who understands the Law, reality, appears to be perfectly normal.

And you’ll see how weird fiction actually is – most of the time it doesn’t follow the Law.

It gets weirder as you get to know the 10 additional Laws (that are part of the Law Of Attraction) — that popular fiction so frequently disobeys.

Because, the truth is… in reality,

==> You’ll always have abundance in the form of money and will be happy with your family…

==> You’ll always have money to start a new business

==> You’ll always have resources to help grow your existing home business…

==> You’ll always find a way to take your message and share it with millions…

==> You’ll always find it easy to erase your old debts and start a new life living debt-free doing what you love…

==> You’ll always have major success in your life — success that’ll happen now so you no longer have to be in the “oven”…

… WHEN you ask for it the “right” way.

Yes, your world is PRECISELY ordered according to your own thoughts and

This is what Bob Proctor, the star of The Secret and America’s #1 abundance coach, had been teaching his
whole life – 52 years to be exact.

And he’s created a very comprehensive program that distills all of his fundamental concepts into brain-dead
simple information.

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What you’re going to see is unlike any other videos, reports or webinars out there (yes, you can find plenty of it on these laws.)

Let me explain. You’re about to enter into a highly transformational journey…

… that’s designed to take you from where you are right now… to finally mastering the mindset of PERMANENT
abundance — enabling you to manifest the life you want, eliminate debt and dramatically explode your income.


Throughout the program, Bob and his co-author Mary Morrissey will tap into YOUR heart and mind… to install
in you, the mindset, beliefs & action-steps (as per each of these 11 forgotten laws), which will enable you to…

==> Transform your current annual income into your monthly income

==> Launch a meaningful new business, or reach any of your bigger life goals

==> Even to make a complete 360 on your romantic relationships and experience profound levels of joy

And guess what…

… you don’t need any prior experience. All you need is a desire to become more abundant in every area of your life,
and a wish to receive extraordinary sums of money.

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MORE IMPORTANTLY… when you understand how all of these 11 Laws operate in unison, you’ll see why reality

is perfectly normal.drink-20565_640

There are no surprises.

No strange happenings.

No unwanted situations.

There will never be. EVER.

These ONLY happen in fiction. Not in reality.

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Go, see the unquestionable proof, Bob presents so you’ll understand that indeed, you can create a reality
as you want it right now.


Much Love and Many Belessings,
Ginger Spark
creator of “How To Be Happy In My Life”  and ” Pharmacy For Mental Healing”
author of the book “Beyond Your Current Reality”
co-author of the book “Feminine Mind Power”
P.S. Remember: Bob has NEVER shared these secrets anywhere else — this is the only home study course that
delivers it all.

The only other people who have heard this material are some of Bob’s high-paying customers, and they have called
it some of the BEST abundance teachings… ever.

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