Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Happiness

Human beings get the feeling of being happy when there is progress, increase and growth in their lives. An advancing life is true life. It is however important to understand that we have the choice: Lack or Limitation vs. Abundance Mindset.

The universe if full with the essential substance that we need to be happy and it is our right to gratify all our desires and ambitions. We live in the midst of abundance and we are made of abundance as well. There is no competition and lack.

Here are 5 ways to enhance you happiness:

PB1212621. Be Open to Growth

The first principle to be fulfilled in life and grow is to open up to the miracle of the universe and accept the gifts. To grow means to make an agreement with the abundance that we are surrounded by. We need to open the doorway to allow this abundance to come into our lives.

The only reason that people experience lack and limitation in their lives is ignorance. They simply do not ask this abundance to come into their lives, nor do they seek ways to become aware of this fact.

2. Use Your Thinking in Creative Ways

Human beings are creative beings. Through our process of thinking we produce images in our mind which we can then realize in the physical world. However, many people have a limitation allowing this thinking process to take its free flow. Too many excuses, blames and justifications stand in the way.

We need to ask universe and state a clear desire in our mind. It is then natural, because of the abundance that we are surrounded by, to expect that this desired idea or state will come into our lives. For example we can ask a question like: “I want to release lack and limitation in my life.” Or “I want to be healthy and happy.” Or “I want to live a fulfilled life.”

Then simply hold the conviction that this question will be answered. It is this idea that was created in the mind that we now need to convert to matter, or to find its material manifestation. We need to first of all train our mind to demand such a thing.

Training begins with raising our level of conscious awareness. Nature is abundant and we have to train our mind to understand this core truth. That is when we will begin to see deeper, not just see and sense things on the mere surface.

So ask yourself now: What state of consciousness am I in right now? Is it poverty or a prosperity consciousness? The vision of people is limited, not the surrounding supply. This is what we have to understand.

To expand your consciousness you have to pay attention to which people you associate with, the literature that you read and the type of work you are involved in. Most important is to have an open mind and think creatively how you can expand your consciousness. It is up to you to expand your awareness and see the abundance.

3. Let Go of Worry

Thoughts are energy and they are magnetic. Thoughts are a mental magnet. Whatever you think about is then automatically drawn into your reality. If you concentrate great deal of your mental activity on worry, anxiety or fears, your mental force is weakened so that it might even repel goodness.

Be an engineer of your mind. Train your mind to be the mental magnet for positive and good things. Stimulate this mental magnet to become strong and attract the good things you desire.

Charge your mind with constructive thoughts and always remember that you need to have perseverance. Repeat these constructive thoughts daily and this practice will lead you to progress.

Mexico Chairs_edited-64. Train Yourself to Relax

Do not close your mind to worry, suffering and danger. If we do this, then we tend to close to the natural flow of the substance that solves our situation. Instead be relaxed, calm and confident. Relaxation is the greatest exercise for the mind.

Think of yourself like a magnet and get in a calm state. Then think positive thoughts, creating constructive images in your mind. With this, you are in the process of changing your thinking and altering your existing paradigm. This is the way to begin to understand that there is neither lack nor limitation. There is only lack of thinking in our own minds!

file0001664652015. Have Faith and Confidence in Abundance

Draw goods into your life by expressing a clear desire. It is the will of the universe to fulfill your desire. All you have to do is take action and truly expect with unwavering faith that this good will manifest in your life.

Learn how to live in accordance with this principle and this will make your life richer. You will experience the possibility that you can thrive and prosper in life.

When you have faith and confidence in abundance, you allow the natural flow of energy to permeate your inner being and harmonize with the universe.

Keep the awareness that the good or state that you desire exists, you only have to draw it in into your life. When we understand and firmly believe in this we go from the competitive to the creative plane. We simply learn how to tap into the limitless source of supply and enjoy the opulence.

Enhance your happiness, fulfillment and support your progress and personal growth.  Make the use of your intelligence and power in constructive ways.

I would love to hear your comments, feedback and opinions below, and please feel to share this article with your community.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark

creator of the online training “How To Be Happy In My Life”



  1. Lisa

    I currently work for a Christian toeivislen network and have an extensive background in marketing and communications for the automotive business. Over the years I have read numerous books about NDEs and have known several people who had them. I have also read books with topics in the area of science and metaphysics; I even had a past life regression done. From my perspective everything you mentioned regarding your experience is what I believe. I find it hard to work where I do because of the way truth seems to be distorted. I am 65 years old and in somewhat of a state of fear and distress, which I have been for most of my life. Your videos have been enlightening and helpful, I just want you to know that. It is my hope that one day I can eliminate my negative feelings and truly express unconditional love to others. In my heart I am looking for a way to achieve such a state of mind and I hope to achieve this through my search while in this dimension.Thank you so much for sharing.Dan Vukmirovich

  2. Ladainian

    That’s the smart thiiknng we could all benefit from.

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Hi Ladainian, Thank you so much, let us all engage in this way of thinking. Please feel free to share this information to your friends, family and social circles. LoL, Ginger


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