Reality Precedes Happiness: Simple 3 Step Process Toward Happiness

The thoughts that occupy our mind constitute our predominant mental state. This is a very powerful fact to become aware of. If this is true, then we can understand that we have control over our life. This means that by controlling our thoughts which shape our reality, we can influence the level of our happiness, both on the physical and spiritual plain. We need to distinguish between pure material goals and goals for our own personal growth. There is nothing wrong with material goals, but this is only one side of the coin. Personal goals are just as important and they are the ones that bring us true fulfillment, happiness and passion in life.file000488662142

We Are Reality Architects.

What do I mean by that? I basically want to state that we shape our reality by thinking thoughts within our mind that later on manifest in the material world. In order to analyze our thoughts of the past, we need to look at our current condition and realize that the material manifestation of the reality we live in is only a result of these past thoughts.

Our conscious mind or our intellect is connected to the five physical senses. We can smell, see, taste, touch and hear. This brings us many different information and pictures about our environment and surroundings. We are constantly busy processing this sensory information, that we in fact have very little time and space to do real thinking. Let me explain this a little bit better.

Definition of Real Thinking

I will give you a simple three step process to help you engage in real, profound way of thinking, a way of thinking that will make a positive impact upon your life.

 Step 1.:   Understanding Thought

Thought is energy, force or a substance which is as real as electricity, light, heat, water and rock. Thought is a power that is present everywhere and at all time. Thoughts are cosmic waves that penetrate time and space. Thoughts are instantaneous and knowledge is everywhere. We just need to formulate the right question and find the answer coming from a place of deep listening and receptivity.

We need to ask ourselves this question: What do you really want in life?  What do I want to accomplish in my business, my private life and relationships as well as my health and well-being?

This is when we have to become aware and define what authentic thinking really means. This is thinking directly connected with our creativity. We are spiritual beings and this energy that flows to us and through us is always seeking a way to come to its fullest expression.

By thinking authentically, we allow ourselves to continually grow personally and move forward in an upward direction.

Your current results and your current behavior is an expression of your past thinking. If you would like to change your results and your behavior you need to start with changing your thoughts.file00082668738

Step 2.: Understanding Beliefs

Your thinking constitutes the mental attitude with which you approach life and the world. This is the lens through which you view the world. These are the ideas which originate in your own point of view towards things. These are the beliefs that you hold about reality and what you believe is what you actually see. Please be aware that if you change the view point of your reality and change your belief system you might get another perspective on your current situation. This holds the opportunity that you can start to think differently by making this shift in perspectives, and this will allow you to choose the direction you want to be going in your life.

We have been exposed to a certain way of thinking through our education system and social way of living. By repetition, these thoughts have become imprinted into our subconscious mind as memories and programs. These memories and programs now take control and run automatically. So as soon as a situation arises, we create an action plan based on these models of reality or belief systems. Therefore, we see our reality through our past programming. This programming is a result of our past conditioning and we personally have had little influence upon these programs, because at the time they were created we were too young and inexperienced to take an authentic position for ourselves. We make meaning of things because of the meaning we were given. It takes wisdom and understanding to change that which is programmed in our mind. Make a shift in your thinking and reformulating your set of values.

Step 3.: Understanding the Power of Organizing

We need to become aware that we have the power within us to change our thinking. By changing our thinking we can access the power and possibilities that contribute to our personal growth and wellbeing._MG_1249_

In order to be happy, we need to organize our thinking. This means taking control of our thinking and ordering discipline in our thoughts. We need to pay attention where we focus our attention and what thoughts run through our mind. If we indulge in negative thinking such as anger, resentment, blame, fear we will eventually pay the price by attracting negative things in our lives. If we however exercise control and power to think positive thoughts we will benefit from this by forming new constructive and positive belief systems.

So go ahead and plan out your day! Choose the thoughts you would like to think and stick to this choice. Repeat these thoughts with unwavoring conviction. Involve yourself in constructive, creative action that will keep you moving forward.  Create a vision for your future life and take those action steps that are in alignment with the direction you choose for your life.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark

co-author of the book “Feminine Mind Power” and creator of the live online  training “How To Be Happy in Your Life”

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