Mind-Body Treatment For Physical Pain

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Simple Daily 10 Minute Guided Meditation with Background Music

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Acquire Focus Toward Right Actions 

If you are currently facing some sort of physical pain, how does this impact your body, well-being and health?

How will you be able to feel if you gained control over your physical pain and eliminate it or decrease its intensity?

How does your physical pain keep you away from every day life and enjoying life to the fullest?


I must admit that I have not faced a physical pain for a longer period of time, but I have definitely faced and experienced physical pain. For example, I have given birth to four healthy children in a very natural, spontaneous way. This experience of child birth gave me the possibility to peek behind the scenes of physical pain and understand what physical pain is and what it means.

I have also experienced physical pain after a car accident I had and I have also encountered physical pain during several illnesses I had and was able to successfully overcome.

That is why I believe that physical pain, although very intense and overwhelming, can be taken under control. The only thing is , one has to know how and what the right approach is.

With this meditation I want to offer you a tool to understand your physical pain and gain a new way of relating to your pain. If your body suffers under pain, you do not have to suffer. This has to do with your mental attitude how you respond in this situation of physical pain.

How did I do this?

  • I became aware about the meaning of my body and the mind-body connection
  • I became willing to reprogram my existing beliefs
  • I had faith and took action

Now, with this 10 Minute


I want to help you reprogram your existing way of thinking. With this, you will be able to easily create a thinking pattern and behavior that will allow you to comprehend your pain and raise your level of awareness through this pain. You will be able to gain control over yourself and the way you deal with the overwhelming sensation of pain. After listening to this 10 Minute Meditation every day, for the next 21 days you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Reprogram your existing way of thinking
  • Gain insights about what your pain might me telling you
  • Create an attitude that promotes your own personal growth and improves of the quality of your life
  • Experience new positive feelings about yourself and your life
  • Open the door toward new experiences, improved communication and profound understanding
  • Take actions and begin to enjoy the endeavors in your life

This simple, easy to follow and pleasant 10 Minute guided meditation with background music might be

The Perfect Solution for You,

if you want to achieve any of the following:

  • Ideal Mind-Body connection and support
  • Long-term Health and Well-being
  • Trust, Unwavering Faith and Action

These are the Problems I see a lot of Successful Women Experience:

  • Confusion about what to do in moments when pain is experienced
  • Tendency to panic during experiences of pain
  • Tendency toward negative, pessimistic behavior
  • Unhappiness, dissatisfaction and obstacles

 The cost of these problems is very high, often leading to

  • Panic-Attacks that consume energy without results
  • Negative impact on health
  • Investment of energy in negative feelings that destroy your self-esteem

This is why I’ve developed the

 “Pharmacy for Mental Healing

and this fun, easy to follow, effective 10 minute guided meditation with background music


which will help you

Achieve Clarity and Reprogram Your Existing Limiting Beliefs 

Attain Awareness and Find Balance in Your Life

Acquire Focus Toward Right Positive Actions  

I invite you to click on the button below and download the 10 Minute meditation to your device. You can then listen to it whenever you want, where ever you want. By listening to this meditation each day for 21 days in a row, you will be able to experience profound positive results related to treating your pain with the help of your mind.

torres-del-paine-1079691_640Rebecca L. “I suffered severe headaches that would last for days and it seemed that they would never stop. But now I realize that these headaches had to do with my past behavior and actions and that I could do so much about this. I took control!”

Dasy P. “The pain I experienced in my body caused me a great deal of suffering. Now I know that this can be changed and I can do this. Great meditation, would definitely recommend.”

Tamara E. “so grateful for this meditation. It came at the right time. I learned how to deal with my pain and how to reduce its intensity. I honestly feel that my pain is fading away!”

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