Learn How to Surrender to the Moment and Clear All Conflict

Dear Friend, have you ever been caught in a situation where the place that you are at or the people who you are with or what you are doing are in opposition to where you actually wanted to be? This conflict between your inner desires and your outer circumstances can cause a turbulence in your internal state of being, your thoughts and emotions.

Having the opposition between your desires and actual reality can be painful at times.

To make things worse, we do not know when this undesirable state will have its end, which can create anxiety. We are restless and nervous, not knowing what steps to undertake and how to get ourselves out of this situation.worried-girl-413690_640

The first step we can take to ease this conflicting situation is to decide to do one thing at a time, giving things their right priority. Therefore, creating one strategy and breaking it down into smaller goals, is the first step toward resolving this situation. Doing one thing at a time means being present in what you do and surrendering to an action plan.

The second step is to stop judging how bad or good this situation is. If the situation that you currently find yourself in is defined as bad, then it is very important to breathe in deeply, become aware of your judgment and begin to release your negative feelings outside of you. Feel a spaciousness within you and how this spaciousness opens up a gateway for draining out your negativity.

You need to realize is that no situation can make you feel either good or bad.

All situations, circumstances and events have a passing and impermanent nature. This is when you realize that surrendering to the good and bad events is not such a hard thing to accomplish.

I am not implying that you need to begin enjoying the bad moment. All l am saying is that when you completely accept this moment as it is, you fully consciously open yourself up toward nonresistance and begin to anticipate the moment when things will actually turn better on your behalf.psychology-792317_640

Surrender happens when you stop asking the question “Why is this happening to me?”

For example, you might find yourself in a business that does not deliver the promised results. The thing to say to yourself here is that the situation is as it is and this is how it really is at this moment. You do not have to create any horrible stories about this situation which will cause you to worry. Worry will never contribute to actually resolve or improve the situation. You are just making negative images in your head and wasting your thinking resources on wasteful matter.

All you have to do is just simply accept the uneasiness and heaviness of this moment and become aware of this fact. Do not confuse it with the stories that you create around it and do not give it judgments and do not blame anything or anyone.Simply accept this moment for what it is without giving it any meaning. From this space, remind yourself that even within the most painful situation a
deeper good can be found and deep peace can be felt and experienced.

When you accept, you surrender and you begin to heal your situation.

By gaining control over you mind and your limited thinking, you allow the universal intelligence to penetrate your inner being. This will inspire you and help you heal. By surrendering you begin to move away from mentally and conceptually understand the situation and you begin to become comfortable with the state of not knowing.confirm-1174801_640

Acceptance means that you stop resisting the situation or event.

Your inner being begins shifting from reacting and mentally judging to a state of peacefulness and awareness about the greater goodness of life.

Now, I invite you to share a situation or event where you found yourself to be anxious, frustrated and confused. How did you resolve this situation and what got you back on track to feeling happy and peaceful again?

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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