How to Stay Younger than Your Chronological Age?

Your chronological age starts with the day you were born. For example, you say that you are so and so years old, according to the last birthday you celebrated.

There are however two other types of age:young-girl-531252_640

  • How you feel biologically and what the biological indicators indicate
  • How you feel mentally, that is to say, how you use your mental faculties and mentally understand life in general.

Here is what determines your biological age:

  • bone density
  • fat content
  • cholesterol
  • blood pressure
  • hormone level
  • skin thickness
  • muscle strength and muscle mass
  • vision, hearing
  • number of wrinkles

young-858482_640Here is what determines your mental age:

  • curiosity
  • attitudes
  • thirst for learning and knowledge
  • flexibility to try out new things
  • readiness to question old thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns
  • your readiness to love everything, just the way it is
  • your ability to lose track of time.

swan-1463678_640Tips to stay biologically young:

  1. Healthy eating
  2. Exercise every day for at least 15 minutes. Take a walk every day no matter how short the walk might be. This will get your body physically moving and disengage your thoughts from existing thought patterns
  3. Meditation and intentional breathing exercises
  4. Reduce stress and take your time to focus on your body
  5. Restful sleep

Tips to stay mentally young:

  1. Daily journaling – monitor your daily thoughts. Catch yourself in your negative behaviors, emotions and negative patterns of belief
  2. Establish effective strategies to cope with toxic relationships
  3. Gratitude jar – start filling an empty jar with one piece of paper every day on which one thing you are grateful for is written. Make it your daily habit and daily practice to fill your gratitude jar. At the end of the year, read everything you have written and you will find how good this will make you feel. Reflect on the positive things in your life and things that you are grateful for
  4. Socialize with positive,successful and motivated people
  5. Keep up with technological progress – be literate in the digital age.
  6. Change your perception as to what aging means to you. Tell yourself that as you age, you get wiser and your mental strength increases
  7. Surrender and trust in situations you cannot do much about or in times when you have to be patient and wait

Observe your age from the perspective of feeling good, being healthy and happy to be alive.

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