How to Release Tension in 5 Minutes – Tips that Work

The day before yesterday was one of those days for me when nothing could get rolling. I got up in the morning thinking that I could somehow go through the day, but as soon as the coffee time was over, I felt the tension rising from inside my head. Blurry thoughts and heavy fears occupied my mind and seemed like they would love to stay there forever.blurry-691240_640

Normally, in times like these, I usually stand up and engage in something else to shake off the pattern of thoughts and fears from my head and it usually works. But this time, this strategy was futile.

So I asked myself what I should do to find my positivity, peace, and joy again. That is when I realized how important these three things are:

  1. Set the intention to find love in your heart
  2. Tell yourself that there is peace beneath the chatter of thoughts and fears
  3. Know that patience is all you need to get through because there is a solution on the other side.

But how do I actually achieve and live in the space of love, peace, and patience was my real challenge. The theory of it sounded good if only I could find some practical ways to bring me there effectively. That is when the following three things surfaced in my mind which I will define as the three tips I want to give you on how to restore love, peace, and patience in your life:

blue-1620500_640Tip Number One: The Power of Your Words

Words are labels we give to our thoughts and feelings, so be really careful what you choose and prefer to label. Simultaneously there are positive and negative thoughts in our mind, so where will you focus and where will you offer a verbal expression? On the positive or on the negative? Are you going to focus on how lousy you feel and emphasize the word “lousy” in your mind or are you going to dig in a bit deeper and remind yourself that you are strong and that “strength” resides within you? When we feel confused, perhaps because we might be tired or overworked or simply have not slept well visualize the strong part of yourself, your “adult” version who prefers to choose labels from the drawer of strength and positivity.

Tip Number Two: Do not Complain

when you have the urge to complain and feel sorry for yourself, pinch yourself and become aware that the moment has come when you can practice expressing gratitude. Instead of formulating heavier and heavier sentences of complaints, verbalize and articulate gratitude for even the smallest things in your life, like for example: “I am so grateful that I have such good friends around me,” or “I am so grateful that I have such a nice place to live in.” If something has gone wrong or you have failed at something, do not complain how this has set you back. What might appear as a setback at this moment might not be so bad after all, if you allow yourself to consider the many positive sides of this obstacle like for example, you have failed to pass the exam, but now you have the chance to deepen your study and discover something important that might even change the course of your life.

Tip Number Three: Do not Worry

Often times there is nothing bad happening at the moment, yet we are drawn toward the whirl-pool of worry, simply because this might be our habitual way of thinking. Worrying over different things is never going to solve anything. Instead, make an inquiry about your problem and ask yourself what steps have you taken to solve the sigtuation? You can even list down all the key points or actions that you have taken to slove your situation. During this process of creative listing, you might come up with an idea about something else that you could do in order to help yourself. If however, you have done all you could, it is time for you to surrender and let the universe do its part. Things do not have to happen according to our human deadline or time plans.  Things will happen, and if we had done all we could, then we need to let go and watch things happen. Enjoy the present moment. Be present and aware about the now and let yourself feel the joy, peace, love and trust that there will be a favorable outcome to your situation.

Always remind youself to stay in the present moment and know that in the present we can tap into the endless reservoar of love, peace and joy.

I invite you to post your comments in teh comment thread below and tell me how you managed to master a challenge that you were facing or how you managed to calm down your fearful, confused and uneasy mind.

Lots of Love and Heartfelt Blessings,


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