How to Deepen Your Relationships and Make Them EXTRAORDINARY

In order to thrive, grow, and reach our highest potential, we need other people. It is through other people that we truly get to experience who we really are. We need them to reflect back our emotions and satisfy our social needs.

In this blog I will explore the topics of authentic ways of relating to other people and what authentic partnerships really mean in creating abundance.

best-friends-381984_640Highly developed societies greatly celebrate the power of the individual. But this is not necessarily very positive. We are taught and so we come to predominantly think that we need to do everything by ourselves, that we as individuals are enough, and that it is all up to us whether we succeed or we fail.

Here is another point of view that will shed a different light on our relationships.

I will show you how you can deepen your relationships and make them extraordinary by applying the following principles:

Remind yourself of your true nature

Who are you? You are the awareness that acts as an observer of your body and your mind. This is the essence that actually creates your mind and your body. This essence is found in the gap between your thoughts and this represents your true identity.

Once you see yourself from this perspective, you will be able to see that other people as well are part of this same essence. Instead of feeling separate, isolated and an individual you will be able to sense the relatedness we share with others. You can then see your  relationships in another light and you can examine their quality from this perspective.


Creative relationships are based on the principles of giving and receiving

The principle of quantum physics states that our whole universe is nothing else but a quantum field of energy, information, and intelligence. And we human beings are part of this quantum field. Energy, information, and intelligence is constantly being given  out and received back in one form or another. Therefore, sending out positive energy, sharing information and living your life based on the principles of intelligence will greatly help you establish successful relationships. Each relationship when based on the principles of giving and receiving provides the ground for balance and a healthy exchange of love, compassion and kindness to promote relationships that thrive and flourish.

Focus on the positive elements in a relationship and extend gratitude

Each relationship is a dynamic process of exchange between two or more people.

In order to promote healthy relationships, we need to focus on the positive elements in the relationships. Based on the principle of duality, because there are positive elements in relationships, it logically follows that there must be negative elements in the relationship as well. However, these negative elements should be acknowledged and then the attention should be placed in awareness to find creative ways of washing these away. Making aware choices that take into consideration the well-being of others, as well as your own well-being, leads to having fulfilling, healthy and healing relationships. If however, the choices spring from a point of ignorance, this brings us away from the positivity in a relationship.


When turbulences hit a relationship, concentrate your attention on your personal growth

Learn to allow, accept, surrender and let go. Nature in its own intelligence thrives on these principles. We as human beings are part of this nature and we need to remind ourselves that least effort on the path to our personal evolution is the right rhythm that we need to follow. Because we are social beings, we bond into relationships that can be pretty rough at times. However, instead of putting the blame solely on others and judging others to justify our victim position, we need to take responsibility and allow an effortless flow of events. If you tend to blame others for turbulences in a relationship, this makes you only drift away from your path of personal growth and evolution. Taking responsibility for your role and contributing in a relationship means that at times there are some things which you need to allow and not control. There are times when you need to surrender to an event and ask yourself what conclusions you can draw from here and what the best response would be.

Set an intention to create the relationship of your dreams

Place seeds in your consciousness with a conscious intention and then water these seeds with your desire. Allow them to blossom and flourish at the right season. Make sure that these seeds are based on the foundation of love, compassion, equanimity, and joy. Seeds of wholesome feelings will bring you exponential benefits in your relationships.

Be willing to let go of attachment

This is a big one for people who want to control everything, know everything and be in charge of everything. Detach yourself from an expected result. Be prepared to have an unpredictable outcome out of which you will be able to learn and grow. Show readiness to let things unfold in an unpredictable manner and in ways that you find unacceptable or contrary to your beliefs and behavior. Practice being present in the here and now, where all possibilities and outcomes are possible. Question your existing way of thinking and your existing behavior.


You have your own role in the relationship and so do other people

Recognize everyone´s gift and contribution to a relationship. It does not have to be the same as yours. It could be completely different or even opposing to your rules, expectations and principles.

Allow diversity because only through diversity can we learn different aspects of doing, seeing, acting and accomplishing things. Allow your consciousness to expand and experience the shared unity in the field of diversity, differences, and divergence.

I hope you liked this blog post. Do let me know in the comment section below. What is your biggest take away from your blog and where can you implement the principles I shared with you.

I look forward to engaging in a conversation with you!

Much Love and Heartfelt Blessings,



  1. Sarah M.

    Dear Ginger Spark,
    the information in this post is truly eye opening! You made me view relationships from a completely different, yet amazing perspective. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for your next blog post!
    xo, Sarah

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Hello Sarah, I appreciate your comment and I am so grateful that you could find useful tips from my blog. I invite you to come and visit my website again and see if you can find more information that you could implement in your life. Lots of Love, Ginger


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