Happiness Recipe – Thankful For What You Got

A good piece of advice I can give you today is to always look for the positive in the following three areas:


  1. In your own life –be grateful for the things that you have.
  2. In other people and their lives – give them acknowledgement, credit, wish them well, compliment and point out the good in them.
  3. In outer circumstances – throw a different understanding upon failure, and add a new level of consciousness related to death, natural catastrophes and any other type of adversities. There is indeed a material loss, no doubt, but try to raise your awareness and open the doorway to the higher level of consciousness where you can get in touch with the greater truth about the overall goodness of life.

There is what researchers call a positivity ratio. This basically means that seeing the positive in business, your own life or your own health and wellbeing has to be in the proportion of 3:1. The meaning of 3:1 is that you need to come up with three positive statements, experiences or interactions related to one negative statement, experience or interaction.

Especially in relationships, this positivity ratio grows dramatically in importance. It should be 5:1. By looking at the positivity ratio in relationships and other social interactions, one can predict with a high percentage of accuracy how long these relationships will stay together.

The higher this ratio, the stronger the bonds between the partners involved in the relationships. With this, the possibility for a long-term happy, productive and supportive relationship increases by allowing healthy way of interacting and sharing among the partners involved in the relationship.

The more you are thankful and grateful for in any area of life, the more good will you surely receive in return.

The Universe reacts in a natural way by sending you more of the things that you generate in your life. This is by law, as certain as the law of gravity. This is the way that the universe expresses its constant growth, expansion and multiplication.

This is what most people do not know or are not aware of. By being grateful, we raise our vibration. This raised level of vibration makes us a match for what we are grateful for.  We move into an amplified feeling of gratitude and appreciation.

Use this law consciously.  The understanding of the law of praise, positivity and gratitude stimulates the good in our lives.  Holding this belief makes a lot of difference.

When you show gratitude and appreciation, every cell in your body resonates with this feeling and emotional expression. Our bodies thrive and we gain a much better image of ourselves. Our self-esteem grows. This expression of gratitude and appreciation contributes to the overall wellness of our whole being.

Praise opens the door to universe.

This is the quickest way to open up our mind and allow our consciousness to find the pathway that leads upward and out into the vastness of the whole universe.

Praise is a true salvation!

It changes our observation and the whole outlook of life. It enriches our human experience every time we radiate joy, happiness and gratitude. This sets up a new system of thinking.  Life becomes lighter and we see all of the good that is worth praising. Praise with your heart and watch how everything begins to increase in your life.PICT1692

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Ginger Spark

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