Happiness is in the Giving – in all Areas of Our Lives

We have been raised with the notion that we must get before we can give, when it is actually the other way around. Happiness is in the giving! We need to first give and then it shall be given to us. Giving is the fundamental law of life. The attitude of getting only gets us paralyzed while the attitude of giving brings us great gains.

Giving and receiving are only different aspects of flow of energy from the universe. Giving before receiving is a life philosophy. This philosophy applies equally to many domains of our lives such as:


Give to the poor and needy people, share some money, give at least some money away to them.

Money in hand in the form of many large bills


Give at least 10% away. This attitude toward money will help you understand the real meaning of money. Money is the compensation we get when we give our services away. Our gifts and talents have a certain worth which has been placed to them by the mind of man. We give our best in the useful service, while being concentrated on the joy of giving.

Giving one tenth of your earnings to meaningful causes and activities gives you self-reliance and helps you build a positive mental attitude to attract success.

It is the attitude that is behind this behavior that is so important. This attitude brings you into the right vibration of giving and makes you more receptive to equally receiving financial gains in return. You are going to be the big winner at the end.


Outsource some of your business activities. You do not have to do everything alone. With this, you are engaging or employing other people and are paying for their specialized knowledge, gifts, talents and their time. Your free yourself from tasks that could be done much more efficiently and with a better quality by other smart and qualified professionals.


Give your time, attention and offer help. Show care, loyalty, love and consideration toward your partners and people involved in a relationship with you. This attitude of giving will only attract corresponding attitude of giving in return by the other people. It is always good to do something for other people improve their situation in life.


Create relatedness without any agenda. Stop by someone whom you do not know so well but sense that it is worth potentially getting to know better. Give love, compassion, compliment and kind words that build trust. The joy of giving such abundant feelings will make you feel fulfilled and happy inside.

file1131249750837It is in the giving that we receive. Make it your intention to give freely and be open and receptive to freely receive in unlimited quantities.

Health and Well-being

Give yourself time and attention and this will benefit your health and well-being. Have time to listen to your body and investigate the state your mind is in. Focus your thoughts upon your internal state of being and upon your body. Listen and be receptive to the messages that your body is sending to you.

We are human beings, a soul having a human experience.

When we think we activate our brain cells. By activating a positive pole of energy in a set of brain cells permits this positive energy to act as a magnet into attracting more of the like energy. This is by law. This is the law of cause and effect, giving and receiving and like attracts like.

After we give, we then must be prepared to receive. Our preparation shows our active faith. By actively working and preparing ourselves to receive, we stimulate our interest and energize our power of receptivity.

We need to be aware that we attract good and bad by the same principle. We invite the good or bad condition by giving thought to it and it is only natural that we can expect it.

That is why, we have to make a clear and vivid picture in our imagination of the good we want to create and then we need to imbue this vision with emotion. This brings us in greater vibration.  This process brings us in harmony with the law of receiving, by making us aware of the need for consistent and regular giving. Giving that which is in harmony with the life we want to create.

When we make mistakes or encounter failures, we need to understand that this also carries elements of good within it. This is how we learn and move forward, this is how we grow and reach new heights.

Therefore, the more we give the more we receive. It is a natural principle.  Shift your attitude to accommodate this fundamental law!

Much Love and Many Blessings

Ginger Spark

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