Guide Yourself to Happiness – Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness means letting go, releasing negative thoughts and emotions as well as shifting our perception toward abundance and prosperity.  


Just imagine someone wrongs you, betrays you or does something mean and you feel resentment toward him.  We are conditioned to feel the contraction in our energy. Our body is moved by our mind. The dominating or ruling thought regardless of the fact whether it is subjective or objective, whether it is conscious or unconscious fills our mind and this causes the contraction in our body.

This is what actually happens: when someone makes a mistake we form a perception about that mistake. We charge that experience with our opinion and judgement of good or bad.  We fill ourselves with the negative charge by crafting our opinion related to the experience of being bad. We forget about the ever-present goodness and abundance of the universe. We hold resentment and by doing this we hold the poison and sip from it every day.

Sense of Guilt

On the other hand, the case could be that you did something wrong to someone or something and you feel guilty Guilt is a toxic emotion and it is never appropriate to feel guilty.

The guilt and shame we feel within us are toxic emotions. We need to liberate ourselves from these feelings by forgiving ourselves.  We need to rewire the voice within our head that makes this internal judgement. We need to diminish the voice of internal judgment and be liberated from constraints that hold us down.file000608980205

Negative emotions such as guilt and resentment catalyze certain negative chemical reactions in our body which cause pain, destroys our cells and causes weakening of our immune system. Negative emotions are like poison that weakens our immune system and makes us less resistant to outside dangers. This physical reaction comes as a result of the thoughts that we are holding.


Guilt and resentment are toxic  and dangerous emotions.

If you hold on to the wrong that someone did to you, we put ourselves into the wrong vibration. We are in a bad vibration and our body breaks down. A heart attack is no accident. We get uptight, stressed making us prone to illness.How we react to what someone did to us has nothing to do with the act of what someone actually really did to us.

Our thoughts are the source of illness and disease. Abnormal cell development happens as a result of suppressed grief and anxiety. Thoughts bottled up and suppressed causes the cells to lose their inherent intelligence. Accept and become aware of your negative thoughts because this is the way how you can begin to change them. Wrong thinking bottled up and suppressed in your mind harms your body. Wrong thinking and negative emotions have harmful effects upon your health and  physical body.

Release congested thoughts and forgive. Be no longer sick minded. Raise your level of consciousness and increase your level of self-awareness.  No more guilt and resentment, just let these emotions go. Disease in your body has a direct correlation to what is held in your mind.

We forget that we need to live in harmony with the law of forgiveness and let our positive thoughts and energy flow freely.

Forgiveness is The Solution

100_0352aPositive thoughts –   Do not  react to situations. Instead respond, forgive and  let go. Do not dwell on negative, do not think about it. Think and focus on your goals and the good you can deliver. Free yourself from resentment and hate. You are the creator of this new state of mind. Learning the power of forgiveness helps you cleanse your mental field and puts you in a higher vibration. Do not dwell on the resentment , guilt or anger. Be constructive!!!  There is a power in you that is bigger than the hurt you feel.

The shift in Perception. –  Shift your perception to map out a new, different and constructive reality when something evil is placed on your way. There are love and abundance all around us and we need to become aware of this fact. Remove the blocks in your awareness and remind yourself about all the good around us. 

Awareness – we dispose of higher faculties. You can shift your perception when you become aware.  There are three plains of understanding: Body Mind and Soul. Your mind a fertile ground for both positive and negative thoughts, so be very careful what kind of thoughts you plant in your mind, It is yourself who will have to live with the consequences of your thoughts. If you plant negative thoughts you are hurting yourself only!  It is fair to say that there are some unlawful thoughts that have been planted within our genes and they are causing us many problems.

Forgive Someone – Forgiveness means letting go off completely, abandoning resentment, hate, guilt and negative emotions and focusing on the positive. This is a change in consciousness. Forgive someone –  when you think of him, you wish him well. Call upon the part of you that calls to a higher power. Have a relaxed body and peaceful mind. This means that you are making progress if you can achieve this.

Forgiveness is a process . It is an easy and most natural process. The law of forgiveness is the only way to go. Get to the point where this is the normal and natural way that you operate.

Forgive Yourself –  Forgiveness must be limitless as are faith, hope and love. Think great thoughts and move in the right direction. Forgive yourself for past mistakes because they only reflect the consciousness you were in back then. You are the recipient of the good when you forgive.

Let us examine the case when someone owes you money and you simply want your money back and you are not ready or willing to forgive.

We need to differentiate two things here:

  1. You will get your money back which is good and natural. Erase the thought of debt in your mind. Eliminate the thought that someone owes you anything and think of the abundance all around us. Think thoughts of plenty and opulence.
  2. You focus on the thought of abundance knowing that the person who owes you will become aware of the abundance we are surrounded by and will hand out the money he owes to you. Hold that thought and shift your perception.

If your goal is to get out of debt, you stay there forever, do not think debt.  Think abundance. The debtor will catch the spirit of your positive thoughts of abundance and will return the owed money to you. We will be strong and realize abundance for our debtors. They are lifted up with this process and will pay us back.

See all the good that you want, it flows freely.  You receive all the happiness and fulfillment you deserve and you are free. Renew your mind. Shift your perception. The shift to reinforcing and remembering the thought about the all surrounding and ever-present abundance.

Walk the path of forgiveness. Forgiveness is your way of  being.  We feel better, more alive and creative.

Thoughts of discord are all around us but we need to actively flick them off and bring  good and positive thoughts in our mind. We need to keep our mind free and non-polluted. Keep our mind clean and sacred, full of fresh, new and inspiring thoughts and images.

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Until next time, Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark


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