Good Emotions and How to Get More of Them – Three Principles to Maintain Focus on the Positive

Why is it so hard for many of us ordinary people to live in peace?

Modern life happens so fast! There are so much information and the changes around us happen at a great speed, that all we see is the blur! So how on earth do we get the chance to even think about happiness when so many tasks, duties and roles stand on the list? The answer is if you truly want to enjoy life, you need tobike-riding-1149234_640

  • Control your feelings and do not let your feelings control you, and
  • Take only as much responsibility as you can handle.

Emotions are healthy and we need to focus on positive emotions!

Happiness is a good emotion. Being happy means that you feel at peace with yourself and with your fellow human beings. You automatically want to put a smile on your face and you feel like hugging and embracing the whole world. You see people in your surrounding and in the world as fellow human beings who go through pretty much the same challenges as you do. Because of this, you have the feeling that you understand all this and that you are simply happy to be sharing this journey with them.

Excitement, Zeal, Zest and Passion for life are examples of more good emotions.

friends-1261492_640Being connected and close to others is a good emotion .We are created for connection. To feel empathy for others and especially for people who are hurting can give tremendous satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Involving yourself and feeling their joy, on the other hand, is another source of happiness.

Rest, relaxation, and ease means that you allow yourself to go with the flow of life. There is nothing to fix, nothing to do better or accomplish more. You simply do your part and then sit back and relax and let the universe do its part.  If you cannot fix the problem yourself trust that a higher force is working in your favor and this force will fix the problem for you. Relax and enjoy the day. With this you allow the divine to work on the situation. My point is, do not overwork! Look for balance instead.

Compassion means to have a soft heart toward others. You simply feel how they feel and you do all within your power to contribute to their well-being. – be soft hearted and Empathy is a beautiful positive emotion.

Empathy is another beautiful positive emotion. You appreciate the other person with a sense of warmth and you feel magnetically drawn to his being.good-1123013_640

Three Principles to Focus on Positive Emotions:

  1. Adopt an extraordinary attitude that life is a gift and that every day is very precious. Imagine as if today were the last day!
  2. Make a decision to be happy! This means, anticipate joy and good things to happen at any moment.
  3. Have an unshakable faith that your feelings will follow your decision to be happy. Be perseverant.

These three principles lie in the realm of the divine. If we work on ourselves and strive to achieve an extraordinary attitude, commit to being happy, and be tenacious in managing our emotions we will reach the state of living in positivity.

After all, that is what life is all about! That we experience joy and that we share this joy with others.

Let me know how you experience positive emotions and what lessons have they taught you.

Until next time, remember to focus on your strengths, believe in yourself and exhibit trust and love.

Much Love and Many Blessings,





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