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Hey there, in this week´s blog I would like to focus on getting to know yourself better: getting down to the core of who you really are. Do you ever ask yourself this question? “Who am I really?

In our common world we define ourselves as being our current age, our gender, the job that we do, the roles that we play in life, and so on and so on…. Yet none of these definitions is totally accurate.


This discrepancy between common beliefs and the real definition of who we truly are, is the topic of this blog.

I´d like to share something very interesting with you.

You have a higher purpose.

Much higher than the job that you do or the career that you pursue.You are connected to all of life. All you need is awareness to realize this and awareness is always open to change. There are no habits, no fixed rules, no pride, no prejudice and most of all, no ego-based quality can define our true nature.

In order to understand the truth about who we are, we need to open up and be creative. We need to transcend our ego boundaries and enter the field of creativity. In this field of pure potentiality, everything is possible. It is simply impossible to cling to old definitions and established points of view and beliefs.

Once we open our selves toward love and creativity, we are ready to adopt new behavior, new thoughts that generate new experiences, new feelings and a new state of being. Once we achieve this, we are being cradled in the rhythm of the universe. From this space, I invite you to connect to your source – which is true love, light, possibility, creativity and intuition.

The mystery of life is expressed through you because you can create freely knowing what reality really is. It is here that you are able to realize that we are not limited beings, but powerful creators instead.

You are not the body you have nor are you your mind. You are much more than that.cats-eye-nebula-1098160_640 You are part of the collective consciousness or the universal intelligence. We can call this field of all possibilities whatever we like, but the point is, this is the origin of our life. This is the origin of the spark that created you as a human being.

You have always been part of this collective field which is infinitely alive. You are part of this field now and you will always be part of this universal consciousness.

Here is an exercise for you, to get in touch with your real self:

Step one: close your eyes.

Step two: look within yourself

Step three: become aware of your body

Step four: become aware of your mind and all the thoughts that come and go

Step five: Meet your real self: you are not the body, but the one who is watching it, the one who is nurturing and taking care of it. You are not your mind. These thoughts are only products of your rational way of thinking. They have nothing to do with the real you.

The real you is not to be found in your body nor in your mind. The real you is much greater that these two. The real you is here and now, and at the same time it is everywhere in space. It is eternal, it can never be born nor can it be destroyed. It is the ever present consciousness that is part of all of life.

Once you’ve had a chance to contemplate on the things that I have written in this blog, I would love to know the following from you:

  • Has there been a point in your life where you got in touch with your real self?
  • What made you realize this and how was your experience?
  • How can you use the concept described in this blog in your everyday life?

Please share your insights with me in the comment thread below.

The best discussion happens when we all engage together and exchange our experiences and points of view.

Thank you for sharing!

With all my love,

Ginger Spark

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