Five Effective Ways How You Can Improve Your Health And Well-being

There is a positive reality that lies “beyond,” that is a collection of your intellectual, emotional, and social capacities, combined and implemented in such a way as to help you find a new reality. By sharing these five practical ways to improve your health and well-being, I want to help you acquire new mental skills to transform your life in a positive direction and always spiraling upward.ring-671787_960_720

First of all, you need to love yourself unconditionally.  Whenever you feel anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, or you feel depressed, stagnant, hopeless and confused, become still and understand your negative feeling or emotion. This will help you stop gowing downward and losing your prescious engergy. The next step is to begin to nurture yourself by doing a loving activity toward yourself : take a bath, take a walk alone, eat your favourite meal, talk to a dear friend, go out for coffee with a friend or just simply embrace your self. By loving yourself unconditionally first, you will find that you can give more to others.

Second, observe your behaviour. You might find that there is a specific behaviour you exhibit related to specific situations, people or circumstances that has a negative influence on your health and well-being. The first step is to observe how you behave in such typical situations. Then you need to understand why you tend to behave the way you do. This behaviour serves as a protective mechanism but the underlying cause is probably a negative feeling, emotion, or belief you have. Take responsibility for your negative feeling and understand that you are the generator of this feeling because of the thoughts you have.

Third, trust in the goodness of life. Trust that the universe designed you to be well and healthy and all resources are abundantly available to help you achive the perfect health. In case of a serious health challenge, begin by asking yourself what your next step could be. “ I wonder , what would be the next right move?” Then listen to your response, and welcome it in. Inhale, and breathe into it. Infuse your insight with positivity and let it pulsate through every cell of your body. Be curious and open, and listen to the answers.chaffinch-785378_960_720

Fourth, it is very imprortant to let go of toxic relationships. If people through their behaviour, judgement or blame harm your health move away form them . There are people who simply have the ability to draw and take your energy away. Do not get involved in useless chatter, gossip, or small talk. Instead focus your attention on people who bring your spirits up. If there is no such person at the moment, have confidence that you will find him or her. Realize that you can be your best friend and that no one can love you more than you can love yourself.

Fifth, visualize your ideal condition. Visualize your ideal health and hold this image in your mind. Come back to this scene at least once a day. In case you are facing a more serious health challenge, then come back to your desired ideal health state three times a day. Close your eyes and see the ideal, healthy you with your inner eye. Breathe deeply and feel the feeling of feeling great, vibrant and alive. These feeling are the driving force, the energy you need to lead you to the ideal state.

I hope these tips and insights were of some help to you. Please share your comments in the comment thread below, or send me your e-mail at so that I can contact you and chat with you on a speicffic issue that you are facing.

Much Love and Heartfelt Blessings,

Ginger Spark


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