Do You understand what Faith means? – Learn to have Faith

What does having faith mean to you?

You may give many different definitions of faith, but consider this for a moment:

  • Have you ever been without a job and firmly believed that you will find one soon?
  • Have you ever taken a trip in a foreign country without worrying about getting sick or encountering danger?
  • Have you ever let your child go out to buy something alone without worrying that he might not be safe?

If the answer is yes to any of the above three questions, then one might say that you already have faith.

Faith is there, even when we are not conscious about it.

We actually have faith most of the time and are not really aware that we do have faith!

I would like to challenge you now, by asking how often do you actually apply faith to your life?

    • How do you react when you are faced with a challenge or a problem in your life?
    • How do you act when something evil comes your way?
    • What is your response to adversities and messed up situations?


Criteria for Applying Faith

  1. Identify the times in your life when a bad thing happened and you stayed calm, in control of your composure and aware.
  2. Now identify the times in your life when you allowed confusion, frustration and worry to overwhelm you.
  3. Which list is longer and ask yourself why?

If the list with feelings of confusion, frustration and worry appears somewhat longer, chances are you are the type of person who tries to figure everything out on his own and wants to find an answer to everything within his own head. The only question is whether this is truly possible and whether it is recommendable?

Bad things do happen in our lives over which we have no control of. Some bad things happen and we contributed to them ourselves or got involved in them by our own behaviour. Whatever the case, applying faith means staying calm, serene and in control of your own inner state of being. It means that you do not allow the bad situation to knock your spirit

For example, I recently had a car accident on the highway. The highway was slippery and wet, and my car slipped and the next thing I knew I was in the car, upside down! During this accident, which lasted a couple of seconds, never once did I feel scared, confused or frustrated. I simply stayed calm and observed everything that was happening without being afraid! Now that I write about this, I am amazed how could I have felt in such a way, but the truth is: I did! I had faith that everything will be ok, and that everything will be over very soon, and it was.

On the other hand, a few years ago, I was involved in a law case, and during the four years that this law case lasted,I was overwhelmed with worry, anxiety and lack of sleep! I had lost my faith and was trying to figure out what had gone wrong, why did this have to happen the way that it did. I basically tortured and tormented myself by allowing confusing, analyzing and controlling thoughts to penetrate and totally occupy my mind.

What I did not know then, was that I allowed myself to judge and blame certain people instead of thinking the best of people. The focus in times of worry, anxiety and confusion should primarily be on ourselves. This is how we learn to go beyond this state of being. This is also faith in action.

Stepping out beyond the ego encapsulated identity

Our ego is full of fearful thoughts. It requires willingness, courage and unwavering faith on our part that abundance, unlimited love, and support awaits us on the other side.This is true faith in action.board-953158_640

Having faith is a skill which you can learn!

It is not enough to possess faith, but you need to use it!

Every time you encounter a problem, stop worrying and analyzing the events and circumstances, stop blaming and judging the people involved. Instead, say the following:

  1. you are aware of the problem
  2. you are willing to take steps to solve it,
  3. you leave the rest to the goodness of the universe.

Be firmly rooted in the belief that the universe is your cradle and it offers you unconditional love and support.

Say to yourself:

“I will do everything necessary to solve my problem and will take the action steps required. The rest will be done by the universe and I firmly believe this to be so. Thank you.”

Do not try to figure things out, simply release your belief that things will be taken care of for your best good.

Faith emerges from the heart. Express your faith in the goodness of the universe and let it do its part. You will be amazed by the results.

Like always, I invite you to share your experiences of faith in your life. When was your faith put on trial and how did you overcome this?

Until next time,

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark




  1. Simon Crowe in Asia

    Do you think it’s important what we have faith in?

    For example, if I had faith in my friend, he will let me down. Of course I always expect the best but I’m ready for the worst. Is this faith?

    You say here to have faith ‘in the goodness of the universe’, but I’m not sure that’s helpful.

    Having faith in God however, as revealed in Scripture is a wise move.

    So I guess I agree with the need to have faith – but it could be unfounded or on rocky ground if your faith is in the wrong thing.

    Appreciate your thoughts 🙂

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Hi Simon, Thank you for your comment and I love the thoughts you shared. I believe it is important that we have faith in our selves and it is important that we have faith in other people and circumstances.

      Taking your example, if your friend whom you have faith in lets you down, then this is the best trial about the strength of your faith. If you stay calm and in control when your friend lets you down, instead of blaming, judging, criticizing, being confused and worried then you definitely have faith. This means that you believe that even though you have been disappointed that there must be a good reason for that and that whatever the consequences of this, the universe has your back.

      For the purpose of clarification by universe I mean the never ending energy field of the surrounding consciousness. Some people call this field God or Love or unbounded consciousness. Whatever the name, I believe we both mean the same thing. It is here, in this field of consciousness that we can be guided by the wisdom of what is right and what is wrong.

      Some things may be right to do, even though they feel wrong. (e.g. staying calm and in control when your friend wrongs you, even though you are so angry and want to judge his behavior. You stay calm and think what your best possible answer would be).

      Some things may be wrong to do, even though they feel right at the moment (e.g. you are angry at your friend who let you down and you let these frustrated feelings out on him immediately and you tell everyone about this, with a blaming attitude toward him).

      Whatever your friend does, you need to think first and then formulate your response to the situation:

      Thanks again and do come back to my website,



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