Defining Success and Discovering Your Path Toward Success

How can you attain success?


The definition of success is different for each and every one of us. What defines success for one being might not necessarily be true for another being.

A general definition of success could be achieving authority over your own being. Feelings of fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction, joy, peace of mind describe the state of being of a human who feels successful and accomplished.

Success begins with your own will and your own attitude toward life. Saying that:

“I can do this”, “I can accomplish this”, “I will attain this”, sets no limits and opens up the doors to all possibilities.

With an “I can” attitude, the door to self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-authority opens wide and gives you access to your internal capacities and resourses to be able to find answers to all questions.


Having FAITH creates a magnetic mind. Having the right attitude toward FAILUIRE avoids procrastination traps. Seeing failure as a self-correcting mechanism on your path toward success creates the right mental attunement and helps you keep your focus upon the ultimate goal, which is your own definition of success. FAITH is more than just a feeling. FAITH is an internal choice which provides a source of power to fuel your aspirations towards the desired result.

Attaining success has to do with the level of understanding that an individual brings towards a certain situation. It has nothing to do with intelligence or intellect. That is why achieving success is different for everyone. Having a constructive set of mind and the right attitude leads the individual towards success.

However even the best of FAITH and most supreme UNDERSTANDING of a situation are not enough to obtain success. What is needed as a third ingredient is ACTION. Study of the situation, analyzing different possibilities and crafting out a strategy plan brings you on the path to set realistic goals and then with a certain amount of effort, dedication and persistence success will be achieved.

When you firmly believe that success is possible for you, after having defined what success means to you, the benefits of your endeavors towards success are two-fold:
1. You advance in your personal growth and development
2. You bring advancement and cause an increase in other people´s lives. You begin to serve people and bring increase to them.


What is he most common barrier to success? The most common barrier to successs is ignorance.

And what sets the path free toward achieving success? The answer is: WISDOM.

Being aware that we are surrounded by positive universal energy, we take a stand for ourselves to obtain a superior view of our self as a powerful, strong and resourceful person.

You need to become aware that you need to use your time and resources wisely.

Become aware where you tend to lose power and authority.

Spirit, consciousness, and the universe supports you. Open up and let your mind expand, leading you on the right pathway toward success.

I will follow up on this blog next week with my vlog. So watch out and expect my video on this topic. In the meantime, I invite you to share your comments and post your questions, challenges and issues. I will take a look and will do my best to craft a resourceful answer to them.

Lots of Love and Many Blessings,

Ginger Spark

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