Changing Your Reality – Challenge For This Week

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I watched an interesting TV program the other day about our five senses and how they influence our perception of the world.scent-1059419_640

It got me thinking: What if any one of these senses changed due to temporary illness, injury or simply some sort of inability? What would happen to our perception of the world? How would we view the objects outside of us? How will this influence our inner experience of events, circumstances, people, and so on?

When we go to sleep and start dreaming, we begin using our visual cortex. We create a world within our minds, we hear the sounds, we feel emotions, we laugh, we cry, we feel scared or confused. We taste, touch, move, fall, talk and do things that seem to be real. And they are indeed real for us at that moment. We are only in the state of dreaming and our mind is actively using our inner senses.

When we wake up, we see the world around us, the real world as we call it. We apply our senses and experience the outside world. We again see, smell, touch, taste and hear. We have emotions, thoughts, feelings and experience different types of behavior.

What I want to point out is the fact that the same process of creating images within our mind takes place. There is an electro-chemical activity within our brain, regardless of the fact whether we are dreaming or are fully awake. Our brain is constantly manufacturing the world in both of these stages of awareness.

Once we understand this we can take control of our reality. Once we truly comprehend that we are the creators of our reality, we can take full control and manifest a reality that we truly want. Ask yourself, what is your passion, what do you see as an ideal life for you within your thoughts? What images, wishes and desires do you have for your future?

Instead of seeing ourselves as limited beings, we can see ourselves as very powerful creators. In this respect, here is a challenge for you:the-strategy-1080536_640

Challenge For This Week

Say to yourself: “Everything that surrounds me reflects myself” – the people, the objects, circumstances, position in life, etc.

In this respect acknowledge the following: “I am the creator of my life and I can transform myself.”

Look around your room or the space that you are standing in and say to yourself: “These walls, ceiling, objects, arrangement, situation, experience stands for me. This objective reality is a representation of myself.”

Now go deeper and make an inner inquiry: “How do I feel? Is this what I really want? What is my passion? Do I hear, feel, see happiness or is it something else that I am experiencing?” “The people around me represent the level of awareness I am in. Do I act like a victim or do I take responsibility?”

The challenge for this week consists of the following: Jot down an answer for each of the questions above. Next to these answers write down a statement that would contribute to improving your current situation or condition. For e.g.: “The room or office I am in is quite messy. I need to clean it up and bring order. I need to organize my environment to serve me.”

What is it that you need to do to that would deliver positive changes into your current reality? Write down your personal results, conclusions or questions about this week´s challenge. Share them with like minded people and learn the different perspectives toward reality-shifting.

Thank you for your comments, until next time,

Much Love and Many Blessings

Ginger Spark


  1. ches

    What an uplifting post with some great ideas on how to change your attitude.
    I think sometimes, we blame other people and our circumstances for the unhappiness we have inside us. Usually though, as your post so eloquently explains, it is ourselves that is the root cause and only ourselves who can change us.
    Feeling sorry for ourselves and ‘acting like a victim’ is something we can change in an instant. But we need to be constantly reminded about this fact, something which many people never seem to grasp and so go through a less enriching life than could be had if they would only change their attitude and paradigm. Nice post. Ches

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Hey Ches, I truly appreciate your useful comment and the fact that you share your ideas related to this blog. I would love to have you visit my website again and continue the ineraction. Lots of Love, Ginger.

  2. Apeng

    Happiness is indeed a choice. When we are down we can choose to be sad and dwell on what happened or look forward to the next day where we know how to avoid situations like the day before that took us down.
    Think and it shall become … Everything is a matter of perspective otherwise nature would not be as diverse as it us right now. Don’t aim too high or aim too low, take life a day at a time but it does not hurt to have a dream.
    Would it be better with daily goals instead of weekly goals … A lot can happen in 1 day … Apeng

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Yes indeed,Apeng. Daily goals are truly important, they help you stay in the present. This challenge is intentended to last for a week, and each day of this week should be filled with activities that help you move toward the goal you had set for the week. Have fun and thank you so much for your comment! Love, Ginger

  3. Peter

    This site is well detailed in the different things that can effect our life and well being. We are questioned, are we really happy with our daily routine or is there something else that we want and cannot do. Ginger explains the invisible brick wall that prevents us from moving forward, usually blaming different circumstances to justify our excuses.
    Ginger points out these reasons are groundless and gives some ways to overcome this, and start interacting with people who can be positive to us.

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Thank you, Peter for your valuable comment!


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