Allow This Moment to Be as It Is – Practice the Law of Non-Resistance

My intention with this blog is to help you understand how you can shift your state of being from feeling helpless, confused, worried and being a victim to a state where you realize that you have strengths beyond measure that can contribute to understanding and improving your situation.

I am not saying you have to enjoy this moment of confusion and be happy, by ignoring your worry. The fact that you are where you are at this moment, that you are with whomever you are with and that you are doing whatever you are doing is simply a state which is normal just like any other state. You do not need to add your stories, worries and anxieties to this state.stairs-876096_640

All I am saying is that you have to simply let go of your inner painful feeling and bring your mind to stillness.

It is of no use when you engage your mind in blaming and judging about your current situation. You might be constantly saying to yourself that this is not what you wanted in the first place, that this is not the way you imagined your life to be like.

If you are in a situation or a circumstance that does not bring you joy and pleasure, and no solution is present within a reasonable time reach, you should practice letting go and being present in the moment that represents the Now.

When you conquer your inner resistance and bring your thoughts under control, when you say to yourself that this is how it is now and that you are aware of this fact and that you are ready to accept things as they are, not knowing when they will get better, you are actually beginning to practice and live non-resistance.

It is in these moments of non-resistance, being in the Now and letting go that peace and happiness begin to dawn.

You will often find that under these conditions of letting go, things change for the better.

still-lifes-1202401_640By accepting the situation as it is, you welcome the occasion just as it is and you do not attach any story to it. You forgive yourself and you forgive others for contributing to the fact that you find yourself where you are at this moment.

Let me give you an example. You might live under pressure that you might lose some money you invested. The situation is not comfortable and there are threats to this situation, however things are as they are. You begin perhaps saying to yourself “How could I have made such a move? Why is life so harsh toward me? I deserve much better than this.” However, you need to understand that there is no need for you to create and attach a story around this. All you need to do is simply accept that things are as they are.

You do not have to know everything and you do not have to know the outcome of all things. The best thing to do is to give up struggling to find answers and reasons within you reasoning and begin to feel the comfort of not knowing all the answers.

It is in these moments of giving up the struggle, that the universal intelligence begins pervading your inner being and inspiration occurs. Things begin to unfold for the better and you begin to flow with the unfold of events that lead to improvement of your situation.

This is the main shift that occurs: instead being a prisoner of your own limited thinking, you observe your mind and your limited interpretations from the outside. You are then disassociating from your mind and its activity. You no longer identify with your fears,negative emotions and attitudes.

Instead, you see yourself as the infinite field of creativity, intelligence, insight, intuition, knowing and field of all possibilities.

When you are in this space of spaciousness, things begin to shift to your advantage and be prepared to witness miracles in your life!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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