Ginger PhotoHi! My name is Ginger Spark, a busy mother of 4 children, a successful business consultant, certified trainer and P.E.A.T Practitioner, a book author, mind power expert and mentor.

I have served hundreds of people and helped them tackle today’s modern life challenges and face its adversities.  I have successfully guided, counseled and motivated groups of people from all cultures around the globe, helping them to create their business, transform their relationships, gain amazing health and live their lives from a place of love and authenticity.

I am the author of the book “Beyond Your Current Reality”co-author of the e-book “Feminine Mind Power”, both available on amazon.com, creator of the online video and audio training “How to Be Happy in My Life” as well as the founder of the “Pharmacy for Mental Healing”.

I live my passion and purpose by offering guidance, mentorship, and advice to people from all over the world. With my books, online programs and counseling I deliver new possibilities and solutions to people and professionals so that they too live their best lives in all areas: body, mind, and spirit.


I am aware of the fact that each and every one is the creator of their own destiny.

I speak several languages fluently: English, German, Macedonian, and Serbo-Croatian. All my mentoring can be done in any of these languages.

Ginger Spark, My Story

I had a wonderful childhood and was lucky enough to have loving parents who raised me and my two sisters in an atmosphere of love, compassion, and understanding.

After finishing my academic education I held several high executive sales and strategy consulting positions in large multinational corporations. The jobs were highly demanding. After I got married and got my four kids, the combination of family life and career began to be a challenging task for me.

Putting it All Together

Although everything seemed perfect on the outside, often times I felt disconnected, empty and frustrated inside. Something unexplainable was missing. I began trying to control things. I thought that I needed to be in a constant motion, always doing, performing and achieving something.

The Consequence

My motivation and pleasure everyday activities began to dissipate. Almost everything seemed worthless to me now including the feeling I had toward myself. As if there was no feeling toward myself, no sense of love toward myself. Only this unexplainable sadness! I was lost.

I found myself one day unexplainably ill! I thought the increased body temperature would stop after a few days, just like it normally does when we catch a cold of some kind, but this time, it was different. My fever would not stop for a whole week. After I collapsed one day in the early morning hours, my husband called an ambulance and I was brought to the local hospital in the emergency room where the doctors began to examine my condition.

After doing all sorts of medical tests including internal organs x-ray examination, the doctors could not find anything medically wrong with me. I was simply energetically depleted and all I knew was I just wanted my fever to stop and wanted to get all the peace and quiet in this world.

I began facing weight loss issues and more health related problems. I began to wonder how could I get out of this state and regain my own self back.

One day, after I woke up in the morning, I knew that this was it: I have come to the end. I have reached the bottom of my fall. There was not much lower I could go. My body cried out: “Stop!” End this confusing and torturing situation. Just stop. Stop it! This had taken my energy away. Almost all of it! I was energetically depleted.

The Turning Point

Suddenly, I experienced a state of peace and tranquility, unlike anything I felt and knew before. I simply surrendered and was suddenly overwhelmed with a state of serenity and joy, as if I had come to a point of a much longed-for destination.

That is when I finally began asking myself what is this that is happening to me. Who was I, how could I have forgotten myself? What in the world happened to the good old, happy and motivated me?

I set a clear intention to myself: “I want to get inspired, I just want to get inspired! How can I get inspired, how can I get motivated? I need some inspiration! I need some motivation.” I then let go. I did not worry about the why, or the how or the when anymore. I just instinctively created the message “Inspire me” within my head and let it go with that.

The events that followed were a true miracle and in an alignment with that intention. Things began happening without my active engagement.

The Path to Bliss

I became interested in inspirational products from Laura Silva, Bob Proctor, Vishen Lakhiani and other inspirational leaders.

I was mesmerized by the power of the teachings that these people were sharing and I just kept listening to them every day over and over again. I felt like I could not get enough. I was totally drawn to the powerful ideas shared by these authors. I soaked these teachings in and went on to explore further resources like books, youtube videos and content offered on other websites.

I started reading about quantum physics, the law of relativity by Albert Einstein and it got me thinking about the universe, the cosmos, the energy that permeates everything.

I became totally absorbed with the topic of personal growth and the LOA. I committed myself to excellence in mastering these profound skills, and it felt so right, fun and compelling to do! From then on I went on the quest to improve every day of my life.

People I felt resentment towards, negative events and circumstances now appeared as wonderful learning opportunities. They had helped me understand some very important aspects about myself and about life. I immediately witnessed improvement in my health and emotional well-being.

I was back! I remembered who I was, my happiness came back and I found myself in a magical state of flow. I began seeing my real self.

I began feeling better and better every day- My inspiration, health, and happiness were regained. My relationships, both social, family and romantic began to improve.

Please Allow me to Share with You

I now live with the commitment to reach out to as many women as possible and support them in awakening their higher calling as well as finding true, lasting happiness in their lives.

I am so excited to share my discoveries with other women who hold the potential and possibility to receive something greater in their life and align themselves with their true passion. We all have great gains when each one of us starts living their life from this space.

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Ginger Spark



  1. Jasemin

    How neat! Is it really this sipmel? You make it look easy.

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Hi Jasemin, YES, it is so easy, once you make a decision and set a clear intention. you then focus your energy on the desired state and let the universe do its part. do not worry about the how! I described the whole process in my 5 Step Simple Process “How To Be Happy In My Life”, available on this webpage. thanks! Ginger

  2. Amanda

    I absolutely love what you’ve done here. I think I just found what I was looking for. Lately I’ve just felt down in the dumps about life and I needed something to help get me out of this rut. I’ve bookmarked your website and I plan to continue to hear what you have to say. I still have some more reading to do so I better get to it!!

    1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

      Hey Amanda, great to have you here, in my community! Do come back, and enjoy! Lots of Love, Ginger

    2. Carlee

      Phamnoenel breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

      1. Ginger Spark (Post author)

        thank you, Carlee.


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