6 Benefits of Anxiety and How to Harness Them

Anxiety begins with fear and is often associated as a negative emotion. When we experience anxiety, we feel apprehension and become concerned that something frightening is going to happen.the-fear-1287669_640

First, we become uneasy and restless inside about something that is to come. We begin sensing a danger associated with a certain act, situation or being with certain people. Then we begin to feel a lingering apprehension as if something unexpected and basically unpleasant is going to happen. We experience a chronic sense of dread and nervousness about how things will turn out. We begin to doubt on our peace, self-confidence, security and faith. There is a sense of chronic tension that we are about to experience trouble.

A person who feels anxiety creates imagined stories to a situation, event, or circumstance, most of which are only a subjective interpretation of things and a subjective mirror of negative thoughts, fears, and beliefs.

girl-1548865_640If we speak in medical terms, anxiety is defined as being normal, therefore normal anxiety, when the period of anxiety is of limited in duration and connected with some stressful situation or event, such as a job interview, a business meeting, a certain performance or a presentation, apprehension to make things right or have things under reasonable control.

Bodily or physical manifestations of anxiety are:

 goose bumps
 nail-biting
 flashes of feeling hot or cold
 racing heart
 tightening of the chest
 quick breathing
 restlessness
 muscle tension

How can anxiety and these somatic experiences provide benefits to us human beings?

Here are the 6 Benefits of Anxiety

  1. woman-1169324_640Motivation – It is the motivation to get things done on time.
  2. Being Alert and Taking Energetic Action – It is the action and alertness to do things right.
  3. Selecting the Best Solution –  Decision making becomes more thoughtful. The process of judgement and selection of the decision becomes more focused and precise.
  4. Enhances Best Performance – We draw in our best mental, spiritual, physical and emotional faculties to get the task accomplished.
  5. Focus is applied upon the desired end result – We focus on the end goal and do everything within our power to reach it.
  6. Willingness to get the end result accomplished promotes filtering out skills and capacities necessary to get the task done.

Therefore anxiety is not only a negative emotion. When properly understood and utilized in the right manner, as described above it can help us move foward in life. In this case, anxiety becomes a loyal friend who is there to help us thrive in life and holds us accountable for our growth and evolution.

All you have to do is to:

  • acknowledge that some degree of anxiety is healthy
  • change your interpretation of anxiety as being a helpful friend
  • let your anxiety be the fuel to propel you forward

Let me know how you experience anxiety and whether you are able to reap the benefits of anxiety in your relationships, career, finances, health and well-being.

Please share in the comment thread below and join the discussion,

Heartfelt blessings to you all!


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