5 Practical Tips on How to Manage and Heal Fear

The reality we live in today offers so many opportunities for people to feel stressed, worried and anxious. All sorts of negative stories are told over and over again, over the media and between people in social circles. What we do not realize is that these are all stories, and the more we hear about them, the more we talk about them, and the more real that they become.fear-path

The underlying cause that makes us experience stress, worry and anxiety are not the stories themselves, but the underlying fear which runs in our subconscious minds. The more that we think fearful thoughts, the more that we experience fearful emotions. This promotes a set of fearful beliefs to come to the surface, influencing our behavior in the negative sense.

Experiencing fear is a very personal matter. No matter what the outer circumstances are, there are some people who seem to be automatically infected by all the negativity that is going on outside, whereas others (unfortunately still a minority) stay unaffected by the outer occurrences. Furthermore, not only do they not experience fear, but they feel happy, balanced, and in harmony with their life.

For those who find it difficult to experience happiness and joy, here are five tips on how to feel more safe and secure in today´s world and how to overcome the personal fear.

Face Your Fears

edge-of-field-1365301_640Look inside and ask yourself what you are afraid of. Be honest with yourself. Nothing is going to happen to you if you formulate your fear and face it. The more that you are able to give content and voice to this fear, the clearer it will become. You might realize that this fear has an irrational character. This means that it is not truly based on real facts, but is only a projection of your mind.

Stay Away from Stories that Promote Angst

This means avoid watching the negative news on television and avoid talking about negative events. Being exposed to these negative stories only draws you away from your state of balance and well-being and fills your mind with toxic information.

Hang around Positive and Successful People

Positive people are those who focus on the positive things in life and stay present in the now. Each moment carries both: potential for positive and negative. Giving priority to positive news promotes positive thoughts and constructive behavior. Positive and successful people find fullfilment in their lives and it is likely that this will impact you as well when you find yourself in their vicinity.swan-1463678_640

Focus on Your Personal Health and Well-Being

By doing this, you are automatically taking control over your state of being and  you radiate positivity in your surroundings. If every one would do this simple thing, there wouold be a much smaller platform for spreading bad news.

Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

Let your inner guide show you the way out of fear. There is so much light and energy within each and every one of us. We need to be aware of this and we need to let this light come out and illuminate our dark spots full of fear. All we really need is the intention, willpower and desire to make this connection.

Thank you so much for being here with me, in this blog and I invite you to share in the comment thread below what your experience with fear is.

Much Love and Hearfelt Blessings,



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