5 Aspects to Help You Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting belief is a statement we hold within our mind, both conscious and subconscious which we believe to be true.

Here are some examples of thoughts and thought patterns that will help us identify the type of limiting beliefs we might have:censorship-610101_640

  • “I am not good enough,”
  • “I am too embarrassed,”
  • “I am so scared and confused,”
  • “I do not have the power to accomplish this,”
  • “Who am I to think such a thing? ”
  • “How could I possibly deserve a better life and more money? ”
  • “People will laugh at me if I told them about my idea,”
  • “Money is evil,”
  • “I do not deserve great wealth,”
  • “I cannot maintain a relationship,”
  • “What I have to offer is not important to anyone.” etc.

By pronouncing them consciously or thinking about them on a subconscious level, we tend to hold on to them and believe in their truth.

These personal beliefs tend to bring us into self- defeating cycles, primarily because we are not able to control these thoughts.

head-1588413_640Conscious and Subconscious Mind

If our conscious mind states an open, affirmative and constructive belief, our subconscious mind if programmed to believe the contrary, continues to project the disbelief. This negative energy and existing thought pattern coming out of our current paradigm influence our energetic vibration and the energies that we then attract from the universe. The subconscious projection of the limiting belief draws back more negative energy, and that is how we continue the self-destructive and self-defeating cycles.

Daring to dream big and believing in the possibilities that lie beyond our present reality opens the gateway towards reprogramming our subconscious mind and entering a new stage in our personal development for the better.

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

The removal or reprogramming of limiting beliefs which stand in the way and prohibit us in our search and quest towards new heights and possibilities is absolutely vital for the law of attraction to deploy its intended meaning.

If you truly feel that the law of attraction is not working for you, take a moment to consider what actually goes on within your own conscious and subconscious mind. Do all within your power and possibilities to get these minds aligned and functioning in a supporting, synergetic  relationship with each other toward your common goal.celtic-37953_640

Here are three anchor points that we help you on your quest to reprogram your limiting beliefs:

  1. The true me – You are born with the “true me”. This is the pure, unclouded version of yourself before any wounds and failures began to cloud your sense of self.
  2. My truth about life and the world – Because of social conditioning, we tend to formulate our truth about our life, the life of others and the world in general.
  3. Universal truth – the more knowledge and wisdom that we acquire, the more are we able to move past our internal, limited truth and approach closer to the universal truth which is pure love, pure consciousness, and pure potentiality.


Let us see how our limiting beliefs impact the following areas of our personality, by taking one limiting belief as an example:

  1. Our language, thoughts, and words
  2. Our body and physiology
  3. Our behaviour
  4. Our attitudes
  5. Our emotions

For the purpose of this exercise, we will take the limiting belief: “I am not good enough” and examine how and what we think, say, do,experience and feel:face-657291_640

Our language, thoughts, and words :  “Everyone is better than me,” I think I am bad, inferior and poor,” “Good things never come my way.”

Our body and physiology: “I do not deserve to take care of my body,” “I do not deserve attention and love,” ” I do not give myself the nourishment I might need because this is simply too much!” “I do not buy nice clothes for myself,” I do not allow my body to feel comfortable.”

Our behavior: “I am drawn back” ” I keep quiet and do not allow myself to have my voice heard,” “I have nothing to say and offer.”

Our attitudes:  “Nobody wants me,” “Life is always cruel to me,” “Nothing happens in my favor,” “Things always go wrong for me,” “I am a victim.”

Our emotions: ” I feel guilty and isolate myself from social circles.” “I feel often sad, fearful, worried and anxious,” “I am helpless,”

In order to learn about the strategies for clearing your limiting beliefs, look out for one of my next blogs.

Until then, live with the attitude to give and share, think confidently and love unconditionally!



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