3 Strategies for Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs Forever

Strategy Number One:  Heal with the Help of Lovetic-tac-toe-1777815_640

  1. Acknowledge the child in you who wants.
    · To be loved
    · To be given attention
    · To be respected
    · To be taken care of
    · Who wants to feel good
    · Who wants to gain power
  2. See your child with your inner eye. Any image is ok. There is no right or wrong.
    Accept this part of yourself and acknowledge its presence. Embrace it and envelop it in love.
  3.  Listen to it carefully. Visualize it and listen to what it has to tell you.

Give your child power with the adult part of you.

1. Identify the adult self, the strong, resourceful, knowledgeable, courageous part of you.
2. Hold your child-self in your adult-self arms. Be with it. Hold it and give it comforting words. Embrace it, and give it love.
3. Give it appreciation and tell your child self that you understand its problems and that you are now and here with it and that you will always be here.Sit with it for as long as you feel comfortable, Comfort your child self with loving thoughts, words and emotions.

Sit with it for as long as you feel comfortable, Comfort your child self with loving thoughts, words and emotions.  Acknowledge how much she/he/it had been hurting until now and what statements she/he/it holds to be true. Tell your child self the deeper truth of who you are and the deeper truth of your life

girl-962525_640Strategy Number Two:  Acknowledge the Real Truth

Your beliefs are only part of the truth, not the TRUTH itself – make a conscious decision, intention, commitment and have the willingness to search beyond your truth.

Following are some examples of existing limiting beliefs that are only part of our limited view of the world:

I am a failure, unworthy, not loved, invisible, not important.



  • are not interested in me
  • are ignorant of my talents
  • seem to never get enough
  • have it easier than I do

This is how I behave in such pattern situations:

  • I tend to draw within myself
  • I start blaming people and circumstances
  • I become angry
  • I become very sad
  • I behave like a victim
  • I have the feeling that there is not enough compassion toward me
  • I have the feeling there is not enough care and attention given to me

Come back to the present moment. We are here now as adults with so many resources. We have wisdom, we have power, and we have control over our lives. Let us now begin to cultivate a relationship between the adult, developed part of ourselves with the child-selves that reside within our bodies. We need to begin to consciously interpret what is happening and then respond in ways that are energy aligned.

To expand your current limited view and beliefs of reality, follow these tips and guidelines:full-screen-97639_640

Ø Provide guidance to the less resourceful part of yourself, by embracing and accepting it with love
Ø Provide your presence, attention, affection and appreciation.
Ø Provide your help and support, as well as willingness to view the greater truth about life and beliefs that depict the real truth.
Ø Provide your adult resources to help yourself expand your limited view of reality and become strong so that you can acknowledge the greater, universal truth about yourself, life, other people and the world in general.

Strategy Number Three: State a Clear Commitment Statement.

By stating a clear commitment statement you are expressing your readiness and willingness to reprogram your limiting beliefs. Give yourself at least 21 days of consequent repeating, action and taking steps in the desired direction.

Create a commitment statement for the purpose of deconstructing the false interpretation.

omar-medina-films-1612645_640Here are a few solutions, deeper truths, and commitment statements:

In case you are challenged by the limiting belief “I am not good enough” , I invite you to discover that you could cultivate and develop skills and capacities, be more connected to your own needs and desires, and see the true value of what you could provide.  Put yourself as first and then gave to others. Learned to say no to things that do not inspire you and to things that you do not want or desire.

This is how your commitment statement could sound like: “As I begin to turn more toward myself, I gain more love, appreciation, support, and acknowledgment from others. I am deeply grateful for all that I have and all that I am.”

Discover  your true identity by stating the following: “My existence provides extraordinary value, and it is a blessing for all. I am good enough! I have my own inherent value.”

In case you think and believe that you are a failure I would like to offer you the following solution: discover skills and capacities that you need to learn and adapt strategies to manage time frames and deadlines, and to do less work but with higher quality.

Begin saying to yourself: “I am capable of generating my success. I can do this, and I will do it successfully. I trust myself and I have trust in my abilities.”

This in turn will help you discover your true identity: “I am powerful, and I am here to have a great impact upon the world for the benefit and blessings of all beings; I am not a failure.”

As a third example, let us examine the limiting belief “I am inferior.” Here is a way how we can decompose this limiting belief: Cultivate and develop skills and capacities to mirror back your strengths and talents. Seek to discover your own uniqueness and brilliance. Learn how to hold your power in the presence of others who are also powerful. Realize that power is not exclusive. Begin saying this to yourself: “I care deeply that all beings feel good about themselves, including me.”

Discover my true identity by understanding that all people come into the fullness of their power and their brilliance in your presence. You will then simply realize that you are not inferior.

Here are some additional examples of commitment statements:magnifying-glass-1277578_640

  • “I was not designed to be alone. I came here to be seen, to be visible in the world, and to deliver my gifts.”
  • “I know how to create safety for myself.”
  • “I can make my needs and feelings known to people.”
  • “I have a lot to offer. I came here to shine brightly and make a big contribution.”
  • “I am deeply wanted by all of life. I can help others and be of service.”

The deeper truth is that you are lovable, worthy, and wonderful! You do not have to do anything to prove that to someone else. You can sustain this energy, because this is who you are.

But you are responsible for your own happiness and your own feelings. Create a statement that anchors this truth in your body.

Write out the deeper truths about yourself on a piece of paper. Craft your own commitment statement that explains to you what the deeper truth about your life is and the greater truth about who you are—your new self-identity. Open up and receive the notion of what is really possible for you and what you can deliver to the world. The world can only benefit from your gifts and talents, so please do share them!

Now, I invite you to share your comments in the comment section below about your own experience related to this topic.

Keep moving forward and pursuing your dreams!

Until next time, I send you my sincere expressions of love and blessings,


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